May all your Keith Emerson dreams come true

The catalogue of DSiWare releases ranges from straight-forward games to various media creation applications; Abylight is the latest contributor to the latter. The company that brought us Fish 'em All! and Stop Stress: A Day of Fury has announced its upcoming range of Music On titles is a collection of virtual instruments, and the debut instalment is currently soon-to-be released.

Music On: Virtual Keyboard is a complete electronic keyboard with a "variety of instruments and rhythms" that will transform your DSi into a mini audio tool. The first official screenshot shows a clean user interface with what appears to be a decent amount of functionality. Features include:

  • Automatic accompaniment function with chord recognition
  • Up to 8 user definable chords
  • 5 different styles, each one with 4 variations
  • Independent drum, bass and chorus parts
  • 6 octave keyboard (2 visible) with pitch bend function
  • 16 different instruments
  • Integrated sequencer
  • Metronome
  • Up to 8 sessions can be saved and loaded

It's unclear whether Music On: Virtual Keyboard will include any kind of LAN or Wi-Fi features but what we see so far seems encouraging. There's no firm release date or pricing yet so if this sounds like your cup of tea, stay tuned.