Now more "look behind you!" in English

Even though it may be denied an official release outside of Japan, fans of Tecmo's creepy-spooky Fatal Frame IV have taken the localization efforts into their own hands to do what Nintendon't and deliver a patch to fully translate the game into English. Yes, Virginia, it's done.

All you need is an SD card and an official Japanese retail copy of the game. The patch will work on any Wii, so no need to worry about pesky region locks or such, and you're not required to install the Homebrew Channel (although there's a loader for it for those that do). The fine folks responsible for the project have even gone so far as to create an extra costume pack.

Fatal Frame IV was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture (No More Heroes, Killer 7) and Tecmo and published by Nintendo in Japan in June 2008. As in the rest of the series, players are tasked with fighting off hostile spirits using an old camera obscura. Nintendo has stated that they won't be bringing the game Westward, so this is your best shot at experiencing it. So go get it! Well, that and a retail disc. You're on your own with that.