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Friday26th Nov 2021

Wednesday17th Nov 2021

  • News My Nintendo's Pokémon Rewards Have Arrived In Europe

    Just pay shipping!

    If you're signed up to the My Nintendo service, you'll be pleased to know that the new Pokémon rewards that were recently announced for North America have also made the leap to Europe – and they're available now. For just 500 of your Platinum Points, which you can easily acquire simply by regularly visiting the website, you...

Tuesday9th Nov 2021

Tuesday2nd Nov 2021

Wednesday27th Oct 2021

Monday25th Oct 2021

  • News My Nintendo Adds Some Rather Nice Metroid Dread Wallpapers

    One of them is free, too

    With Metroid Dread now out in the wild and having established itself, it's no doubt earned plenty of fans and continues to prompt interesting debates about where it stands within the iconic series. For those that have enjoyed it a lot, My Nintendo has added some affordable rewards that may be tempting. The loyalty service...

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  • News Nintendo's Official UK Store Has An All-New Look

    A welcome overhaul?

    The Nintendo Official UK Store, unsurprisingly one of the UK's best destinations for new Nintendo games and merchandise, has been treated to a complete makeover with an all-new design. The store has actually ditched its 'Nintendo Official UK Store' name to fall in line with the 'My Nintendo' branding seen in other countries. The...

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  • News Frustrated Fan Makes My Nintendo Physical Reward Stock Checker

    Only works for US (for now)

    If you're a connoisseur of My Nintendo who's been holding on to those pricey Platinum Points in the hope of getting something nice before they expire, then you don't need us to tell you that Nintendo's loyalty rewards program is a little... hit and miss. Sometimes the prizes are quite nice - our memories include a...

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