Luigi's Mansion 3

As we bid farewell to summer and begin the descent towards the holiday season the gaming calendar tends to get clogged with releases, and 2019 is no exception with games coming thick and fast as we speed towards Halloween and beyond. As the evenings draw in and things start getting decidedly spooky outside, what better time to curl up safe and sound with your Switch or Switch Lite and play a video game or two of an evening!

September saw the release of the marvellous Daemon X Machina and equally lovely The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening which will no doubt keep us busy for a good few weeks yet... but what's next for Switch? We've compiled a list of all the good stuff coming out at retail in October, November (and a bit beyond), and highlighted some of the big ones to look out for. So, give that bank balance a massage and prepare for new games and hardware...

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition - 15th October

The latest 'impossible' port to arrive on your favourite handheld hybrid (and Switch Lite), The Witcher 3 (or 'Switcher' to its friends) promises all the action, adventure and bathing of the original game only this time you can play on the bus. Squeezing such an ambitious open world game onto Nintendo's handheld was no small feat, and we're itching to see how it's turned out.

Ring Fit Adventure - 18th October

Time to jump around like it's 2008 again! Ring Fit Adventure is a new type of adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch, which uses the Ring-Con accessory to detect and measure the player's real-world movements and turn them into in-game actions. It promises RPG-style turn-based battles, except you cause massive damage with your toned glutes and rippling quads instead of spamming a button. We're intrigued to see how this (and our energy levels) hold up, and if we can fit our entire body through the ring. We've seen people on the telly squeeze through toilet seats, and they're not even bendy!*

*This is a joke. Do not try squeezing yourself through the Ring-Con. Thank you.

Luigi's Mansion 3 - 31st October

Back for another round of ghostbustin', Luigi once again straps on his Poltergust to vacuum spooks, spectres and ghosts in Luigi's Mansion 3, which arrives on the spookiest day of the year. The title is actually something of a misnomer - this time round the 'mansion' is actually a huge hotel, although it's not like one we've ever stayed in. Each floor has an entirely different theme and it's up to Luigi to negotiate the lot as he rescues his friends from King Boo once again.

This time around a second player can join in the fun in co-op mode, and there's online play for up to eight players, so there's no excuses for spending the scariest night of the year alone.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 - 5th November

The Mario & Sonic games have always offered some very enjoyable friendly competition featuring the kings of their respective gaming companies, and this year's entry (well, technically next year's entry) promises to be the best yet. Featuring a whole bunch of cross-discipline events, a new retro mode will enable 8-bit Mario and 16-bit Sonic to go head to head in a competition that's sure to excite retro gamers in a way the past games perhaps haven't. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Pokémon Sword and Shield - 15th November

What's this? Poké-mon is it? Am I saying that right? Not sure about this one, but apparently it's a big deal. We imagine tiny pocket-sized monsters do battle in suits of armour in a faux-Medieval setting. Sort of like Game of Thrones, then, although a little more family-friendly. There are two games and the one you buy says a great deal about your personality, we believe. We're not sure what buying both means. Maybe you've got lots of disposable income?

More Awesome Nintendo Switch Games

Aside from the highlighted games above, there are lots more Switch retail games which might take your fancy in October and beyond.

Awesome Accessories For Your Switch

We saw a whole slew of interesting accessories released for the Switch in the past few months, but more are on the way, especially with the arrival of Switch Lite. Here are some tantalising accessories coming up in October and beyond, which we found for your consideration.

So that's it for October and November - did we miss anything? Let us know with a comment and also tell us if you've pre-ordered any of these goodies!