Welcome to our ultimate guide for collecting every Power Moon from the Cascade Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey! Below, you'll find maps detailing the exact location for all 40 of the Power Moons located in this Kingdom, as well as descriptions on how to get each and every one of them.

The numbers on the maps correspond to the relevant Power Moon listed below and, whilst most of them appear in that spot from the beginning (or after you've completed the story at least), it is worth nothing that sometimes you are required to perform a specific action to make it appear. Use a combination of our maps and walkthrough information to grab each of the Power Moons with ease. Enjoy!

Cascade Kingdom Power Moons

Cascade Kingdom Power Moons.png

1. Our First Power Moon: This first Power Moon is found on the path that you must take when you land on Cascade Kingdom for the first time so it is impossible to miss.

2. Multi Moon Atop the Falls: You'll receive this Multi Moon when you defeat the area's boss.

3. Chomp Through the Rocks: Head to the area of the Kingdom where four Chain Chomps are sitting together. Use the far-left, smaller Chain Chomp to break through the small wall directly behind it to uncover this Power Moon.

4. Behind the Waterfall: Head through the pipe to enter the 2D platforming section in the wall. As you make your way up, you'll notice a gap in the unbreakable wall near the top-left - jump just underneath this to reveal a hidden block which will allow you to make the jump over the gap. From there, keep running around to the left until you find this hidden Power Moon.

5. On Top of the Rubble: Head to location number 5 on our map to find a Power Moon floating in plain view above some rubble.

6. Treasure of the Waterfall Basin: Head to the bridge that you created when you first entered the Cascade Kingdom and jump down into the water below. Making sure you don't fall down the waterfall, swim in a westerly direction to find a small alcove with a chest inside. Throw Cappy at the chest to receive this Power Moon.

7. Above a High Cliff: If you turn left after walking over the bridge that you made in your first visit to the Kingdom, you'll find a Chain Chomp. Capture this Chain Chomp and use it to smash the rock wall just behind it to reveal a pipe. Travel up through this pipe to find this Power Moon.

8. Across the Floating Isles: Head back to the boss-fight area and keep going north. You'll see some floating platforms within easy jumping distance - simply jump over to collect the Power Moon. There are some purple, regional coins on these platforms, too!

9. Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 1: Just above the smaller waterfall (near the small bridge), you'll find a scarecrow. Throw Cappy at the scarecrow and cross the moving platforms before the timer runs out to collect the Power Moon.

10. Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 2: If you head back to the boss-fight area, you'll see a scarecrow need the dirt-patch. Throw Cappy at it, and then jump up onto each platform until you reach the Power Moon that has appeared.

11. Good Morning, Captain Toad!: If you head towards location number 11 on our map (the south-western side of the boss-fight area) and tilt your camera down, you should see a platform that you can drop down to. Jump down to this platform, and then down one more to find Captain Toad. Engage in conversation and he'll give you a Power Moon.

12. Dinosaur Nest: Big Cleanup!: Head to location number 12 on our map to find some small platforms that act like steps, heading towards a red hat door. Go inside this door and use the dinosaur inside to destroy every single enemy. The Power Moon will appear when you've cleared them all away.

13. Dinosaur Nest: Running Wild! (see location 12): In the same room as Power Moon number 12, capture the dinosaur and walk off the cliff to the large area below. Inside one of the bricks here is a Power Moon, so destroy them all, collect the Moon, and then use the trampoline to get back up.

14. Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!: Head to location number 14 on our map to find a green warp pipe. Once inside the pipe, you must line up shots with Chain Chomps to hit the goals at the far end of the room - complete each room to find the Power Moon.

15. Very Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp! (see location 14): In the same area as Power Moon number 14, when you reach the area's main Power Moon, keep walking to the right (as close to the camera as you can be). You'll discover a hidden room with another Chain Chomp goal to hit - simply angle your shot correctly to receive another Moon.

16. Past the Chasm Lifts: If you head to the Stone Bridge checkpoint flag and spin your camera around, you should see a red hat door accessed by dropping down a couple of steps. Enter the door and simply reach the end of this platforming section to find the Power Moon.

17. Hidden Chasm Passage (see location 16): This Moon is in the same red hat door as Power Moon number 16, but you'll need to enter a hidden section. Just after the 3D section where you jump across moving white platforms and collect large, golden rings, jump down to the grassy platform below to enter a different pipe, eventually leading you to this secret Power Moon.

18. Secret Path to Fossil Falls!: This one is ridiculously complicated. To get this Power Moon, you will need to use a warp painting from a different world - but there's a catch. The warp painting you need will be in one of two places - either Snow Kingdom, or Seaside Kingdom - and this will depend on which of these you decided to travel to first on your initial play-through. You need to head to the Kingdom you visited first.

If you went to Snow Kingdom first, head back there and capture the Ty-Foo (the big cloud-like dudes) located on a thin path not far from the Odyssey. Fly in a north-easterly direction until you find some wooden blocks that can be blown to the side. Blow them as far as they can go and use Mario to jump up onto them - and then the snow platform - to find the warp painting. Enter it to grab the Power Moon.

If you went to Seaside Kingdom first, you'll need to head there and ride one of the arching water spout to land on the large central structure. Jump into the water inside the structure and swim all the way to the bottom to find the warp painting. Jump inside to get your Power Moon.

19. A Tourist in the Cascade Kingdom: For this Moon, once you have beaten the main story, head to the Sand Kingdom and locate the resident who wanted a Taxi (relatively close to the Crazy Cap store). Once you've spoken to him, head to the Metro Kingdom and find him again - right in front of you when you ride the electrical wire into the city. After speaking to him there, return to the Cascade Kingdom to find him for a final time and finally receive your Power Moon.

20. Rolling Rock by the Falls: Turn right after crossing the little bridge you made over the waterfalls and you should find two small rocks partially buried in the dirt. Keep kicking the one on the right, over and over again, until the Power Moon eventually pops out.

21. Peach in the Cascade Kingdom: Head to the Fossil Falls Heights checkpoint and look towards the waterfall to see Peach standing near the cliff's edge. Talk to her to receive this Power Moon.

22. Cascade Kingdom Regular Cup: There is a Koopa standing near the Odyssey who will offer you a race when you talk to him. Accept the challenge and win to receive the Power Moon.

23. Caveman Cave-Fan: Make sure you are wearing the Caveman Headwear and Caveman Outfit purchased from this Kingdom's Crazy Cap store and head to location number 23 on our map. You'll find someone who wants to meet a caveman and, if your new disguise is fully equipped, he'll give you a Power Moon.

24. Shopping in Fossil Falls: Simply head to the Crazy Cap store and purchase this Power Moon from the Gold Coin half - it'll cost you 100 Gold Coins.

25. Sphynx Traveling to the Waterfall: Capture the binoculars located behind the Odyssey and look up into the sky. Keep searching until you see a Sphynx floating around and zoom in on it. Hold your gaze for long enough and a Power Moon will pop right out of the sky.

Cascade Kingdom 'Moon Rock' Power Moons

Casacde Kingdom Moon Rock Power Moons.png

These Power Moons will become available to you when you have smashed the Moon Rock located in this Kingdom.

26. Bottom of the Waterfall Basin: If you jump into the water from the bridge, you should see a glowing patch of land underwater. Ground pound that spot to find a Power Moon.

27. Just a Hat, Skip, and a Jump: Head as close to location number 27 on our map as you can reach on the mainland of the island. You'll see a group of floating hats which, when touched by Cappy, can create platforms to take you to the Power Moon.

28. Treasure Under the Cliff: Head to location 28 on our map to find some floating white hat platforms above a small piece of land that takes you to a red hat door. Throw Cappy at the first platform to make it fully appear, jump onto it, and then perform a backflip - followed by a wall-jump - to collect the Power Moon.

29. Next to the Stone Arch: Head to the arched bridge that takes you to the boss-fight area in the north-west area of the map. If you look over the edge you'll see a Power Moon floating close by - simply jump off the edge to grab it.

30. Guarded by a Colossal Fossil: Jump onto the giant Triceratops fossil and head towards its nose. When you're close enough, you'll see that it is glowing. Hold down the 'Y' button to have Cappy spin on the tip of the nose - after a couple of seconds the Power Moon will burst out.

31. Under the Old Electrical Pole: Capture the T-rex and take him all the way over to the Odyssey. Charge into the electrical pole just behind it to uncover a glowing patch of grass. Release the T-rex and use a ground pound to reveal the Power Moon.

32. Under the Ground: Capture the T-rex and use him to smash the rocks right next to him. You'll reveal another glowing patch of grass which contains a Power Moon. Use a ground pound to coax it out.

33. Inside the Busted Fossil: If you head to location 33 on our map you'll find two Chain Chomps sitting side-by -side. Capture one of them and fling them at the broken fossil sitting just behind the electrical wire to reveal a Power Moon.

34. Caught Hopping at the Waterfall!: Not far from the Odyssey, you'll find a rabbit waiting to be captured. Simply make contact with the rabbit (using Cappy to stun it if necessary) to be given the Power Moon.

35. Taking Notes: Hurry Upward: Head to the 2D Mario section in the wall to find a glowing treble clef. Touch the clef and then collect all of the music notes that appear to receive this Power Moon.

36. Cascade Kingdom Master Cup: Return to the Koopa standing near the Odyssey and challenge him to a second race. If you win, you'll receive this second Power Moon.

37. Across the Mysterious Clouds: Right next to the Stone Bridge checkpoint you'll find a grey pipe. Head inside and make it to end of the platforming obstacles to receive the Power Moon.

38. Atop a Wall Among the Clouds (see location 37): In the same location as Power Moon number 37, progress through the room until you come across a ? Block in between two normal blocks attached to a red wall. Jump onto the ? Block and then jump again to reveal a hidden block. Use this to reach the top of the wall and make your way left across these hidden platforms. Eventually you'll reach a Power Moon.

39. Across the Gusty Bridges: In a small section of dirt just beneath - and to the side - of the area containing four Chain Chomps, you'll find a grey pipe. Make your way to the end of the room to receive the Power Moon.

40. Flying Far Away from Gusty Bridges (see location 39): In the same location as Power Moon number 39, progress through the room until you reach approximately half-way, keeping a look out on the left hand side for an easy-to-miss switch. Throw Cappy in the wind current that blows towards the switch to make him activate a new bridge. Follow this new path to find the Power Moon.

We hope that you have found this guide on collecting all Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey's Cascade Kingdom useful. Let us know if you've managed to grab them all with a comment below.