Are you making an early start on your Christmas shopping this year? Probably a good idea given one thing and another. Fortunately, there are plenty of Nintendo-related gifts for your loved ones that are only a click away this holiday season. From Nintendo-branded ugly Christmas sweaters to all the games and accessories you can handle, there's plenty of Nintendo gifts for Holiday 2020 to choose from. However, what if you want to show you really care this Christmas?

Well, why not get them a bespoke, handcrafted Nintendo gift? There are plenty of official options, of course, but there are also some incredible offerings of quality gaming gifts from individual sellers that give a extra personal touch. What better Nintendo-themed present could there be than something handmade that the recipient won't find on the High Street?

Below we've collected some of the best handmade and specialised Nintendo-related items we've found on our internet travels in 2020. From retro neon lamps to Xmas tree decorations, handmade maps to mugs for your Christmas coffee or 'nog or custom Switch docks — if you're stuck for gift ideas, check out these assorted goodies and put something truly special under the tree for the Nintendo fan in your house this Christmas.

And if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, we've also got our overall guide for the Best Nintendo Christmas Gifts for 2020 and one for Nintendo Art Prints and Posters.

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