There Are New Rewards On The App

If you download the Nintendo Switch Online app on your phone, you can connect it to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for daily rewards. A few new ones were just added, including a cute balloon, a raccoon clock, and Nook-branded... toilet paper? Ok then!

Custom Polish Effects

We weren't convinced by the new polishing feature, until we unlocked the ability to add custom polish effects. Now, we're polishing EVERYTHING. Note that this is only available to Happy Home Paradise owners!

Track Your Turnips On The App


With the Nintendo Switch Online phone app, you can also track your turnip prices — it won't tell you the prices right now, but it'll show you if they're trending up or down, at least! The Turnip Tracker is at the bottom of the newspaper, which is also a new (and very informative) feature.

Customise Seasonal Furniture Without Materials With ReTail

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 11 22 42

Never have enough pumpkins to customise your spooky furniture? Well, now you can just pay Cyrus some bells at his ReTail shop on Harv's Island and cut out the middleman middlegourd.

Multi-select Items To Put In Storage

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 10 36 55

Praise the god of tidying up, because now you can multi-select items when you're using the Storage Shed, for easy and fast clean-up.

Brewster Gives You Rewards

Visit Brewster at The Roost every day for a cup o' joe, and eventually he'll start giving you gifts (and being nicer to you in general). Check out our guide for the full list!

You Get More Gyroids After It Rains

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all Animal Crossing players in possession of a good shovel must be in want of a gyroid. Sadly, you can only get one a day on Kapp'n's boat tours. OR CAN YOU? If your island has a rainy day, check the buried treasure the next day and you just might find more gyroids! We had this happen, and got two more than usual. Nice!

Katrina's Predictions Actually Have Effects

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 11 19 57

Katrina is one of the unlockable shops on Harv's Island, and she's able to predict your luck for the day for the price of 1,000 Bells. But the luck actually does something! For example, we got good "health" luck, which increased how much strength we got from eating fruit. There's also an effect that raises your luck with money, making you dig up more from glowing spots and earn more from money rocks.

Bad Luck Has Rewards

Katrina can also predict that you have bad luck. In the past, this meant tripping over all day, and it was annoying, but now you can pay her to erase the bad luck if you don't want it. However, that said, you may actually want to have bad luck — Katrina will send you pity presents the next day, including her very own crystal ball, or "Power Stone".

If A Shopkeeper Is Visiting Your Island, Their Co-Op Shop Is Closed For The Day

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 11 22 10

Isn't that just adorable?

Search For Dream Islands By Name

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 13 04 11

We're pretty sure this one is new — you can now search for a dream island by typing in a name. No more having to type out the dream codes! If your friend's island has an unusual name, they'll appear high up on the list. You could also search for islands with the same name as yours, or just type in a fun-sounding name like "Hyrule" or "Heaven" and see where it takes you.

Villagers Can Float On The Ocean

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 10 17 06 16

In Happy Home Paradise, villagers that you've built houses for will hang out on the beach at the rear of the island. Sometimes they'll be exercising, or doing a group hula dance, but sometimes you can spot them gently floating on the ocean, too. Aww!

Doing Daily Stretches Will Win You Prizes (Eventually)

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 09 14 28

We haven't seen this happen yet, but if Isabelle says it, it must be true.

Daily Stretching Has Accessibility Options

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 10 37 58

You don't have to participate in the stretching if you have mobility issues — you can press buttons instead! That way, you don't have to miss out on the prizes!

Use Your Friends' ABDs

Visiting your friends' islands, but don't have enough pocket money to buy everything in their shop? If they have an ABD (that's an Automatic Bell Dispenser... or an ATM, if you'd rather) outside, you can use it to access your own money (not theirs, because that would be stealing).

Happy Home Paradise Also Has Message-In-Bottle Recipes

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 09 09 52 58

Make sure to check your HHP beaches, because you'll find messages in bottles with recipes, just like on your home island, mystery islands, and Kapp'n's islands. In total, you can get at least four recipes a day if you visit them all!

Moss And Vines Can Be Used In Recipes

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 11 13 48 19

Pick up the glowing moss and vines on islands that you visit, because they're needed for moss and vine recipes, like this lovely... moss... dress...???

The Moss Recipes Have Glowy Effects

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 08 57 12

You'll want to turn off the lights if you use the glowing moss recipes, because all of them appear to have a lovely glowing effect. The wallpaper, the floor, and even the rug will all give off light — although the rug has to be walked on to give off the twinkly sparkles.

Redd Now Sells Ice-Cream

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 11 25 50

Redd's shop on Harv's Island now has a raffle, like during Fireworks season, and for 500 Bells a pop you can pull a ticket. There are 30 prizes to win, including fans, drinks, and ice cream. Be careful — consuming the food and drink will make it disappear!

Happy Home Paradise Islanders Give You Gifts

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 13 04 11

Make sure to talk to your Happy Home Paradise residents after their houses are complete, because they'll give you a gift as a thank you. The gift seems to be tied to the items you used to decorate their house, which means you can unlock rare items faster this way!

Moving Buildings Costs Less

ACNH Screenshot 2021 11 12 12 54 49

Tom Nook has had a change of heart, and now charges only 10,000 Bells instead of 50,000 Bells to move a villager's house. Thanks, Tom.


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