Disney Dreamlight Valley make money fast
Image: Nintendo Life / Josh Broadwell

Figuring out how to earn money fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley is essential for upgrading your new home, literally and figuratively. House upgrades cost a significant amount of money, and the local shops don’t invest in themselves.

Unlike most life sims, though, Dreamlight Valley has several efficient ways to rake in the cash, whether you’re a valley veteran or a complete newbie.

How to Make Money Fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Don’t eat your veggies

Dreamlight Valley relentlessly throws carrot seeds at you in the first few hours as you clean up Night Thorns, and you should plant every one of them. Carrots sell for over 40 coins apiece, and given how quickly crops grow in the valley, this is an easy and consistent source of cash early in the game. Lettuce and wheat, your other early-game crops, aren’t really worth selling. Use them in recipes instead.

As you get access to more vegetables later in the game, focus on eggplants, pumpkins, and asparagus for cash crops. Most of the best recipes don’t use these veggies anyway, so you don’t have to worry about missing bigger profits.

Image: Nintendo Life / Josh Broadwell

Sell your shinies

Another solid early-game method of money making is selling gems. Garnets, topaz, and the like sell for a few hundred coins apiece, and unless they show up as a friend’s preferred gift that day, there’s no reason to keep them in the game’s opening stages. If you get lucky and happen upon a rare version of the usual gems, they sell for even more.

Go fish

Fishing is another lucrative activity, especially if you land a rare catch. Cast your line in a spot with blue or red bubbles, and you’re essentially guaranteed a rare or valuable catch. Bream and Catfish populate the ponds of Peaceful Meadow, and you can sell them for several hundred coins apiece. Fishing spots respawn frequently, so you’re never short of a place to cast your line.

Fish dishes sell for significantly less than the raw fish themselves. Until you get access to high-tier recipes, it’s only worth cooking fish if you need a stamina boost.

Image: Nintendo Life / Josh Broadwell

Make a meal

Three-star recipes and higher tend to fetch a substantial price, though most of them don’t unlock until you get access to milk, eggs, and cheese, which happens when Remy sets up shop in the valley. Any of the puff appetizers – zucchini puffs, bell pepper puffs, and so on – sell well and require few ingredients, as do omelettes and souffles.

High-level recipes, such as Pan-Fried Angler Fish and Lancetfish Paella require rarer ingredients, but sell for several thousand coins. If you have the means to make them, you absolutely should.

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