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  • News ZombiU Servers Reanimate After Being Down for Several Months

    Graffiti is back!

    Though it's ancient history now by game industry standards, ZombiU is arguably one of only a few games on the Wii U to fully make usage of the GamePad, and the launch title is still a decent survival horror romp for those who might be interested. One rather neat feature of the game was a form of asymmetrical online multiplayer...


  • Feature Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perfect for Halloween

    Get spooked on the go and at home

    Well, the night is here, when we indulge in dressing up and scares like there's no tomorrow. Halloween has become increasingly popular all around the world, and a decent option for getting our share of spooks is to jump into the action with some suitable games. Despite the - inaccurate - perception that Nintendo...


  • Feature Have You Played... ZombiU?

    Horrifyingly cheap and a strong Wii U experience

    This is the first of a series of articles that are a reflection of a disappointing reality. The Fall and Holiday line-ups on Wii U and 3DS undoubtedly have some treats and games to be hugely excited about, such as The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes and Xenoblade Chronicles X, yet they're also a...


  • Video Here's How Zombi Shapes Up Against The Original ZombiU


    As we already know, Ubisoft has dusted off its Wii U launch title ZombiU and released it on the PS4, Xbox One and PC at a budget price, minus all the second-screen malarkey which made the Nintendo edition so tense and compelling. The publisher has insisted that the port features visual improvements - despite the evidence















  • News ZombiU Developer Hints at a Sequel, Sort Of


    Over the weekend we saw a fairly innocuous Tweet from Jean-Philippe Caro, a Creative Director at Ubisoft. He was asked by a fan about the potential for a sequel to ZombiU, the Wii U launch title that certainly had some staunch supporters, including some members of the Nintendo Life staff. Here was his rather vague reply. [tweet It seemed...


  • News ZombiU Patch Rises From The Grave To Harass The Living

    Long-expected fix now hitting Wii U consoles worldwide

    ZombiU is a fantastic game, but like so many modern titles, it shipped with a few bugs which have impacted the enjoyment of many players. Ubisoft confirmed that a patch was incoming a while ago, and we're now hearing reports that it's live. We don't currently have any solid details about what...

  • News ZombiU Developers Talk Permadeath And Protagonists

    Giving new meaning to "silent protagonist"

    At this year's GDC, Ubisoft Montpellier gave a post-mortem discussion on their Wii U launch title, ZombiU, discussing the genesis of the game and the unique approach they took to involving the player in the story. First shown at E3 2011 as the darkly comical Killer Freaks From Outer Space, story design...

  • Nintendo Download 21st March 2013 (Europe)

    Monstrous quests, reckless driving, retro boxing, a big sale and more

    It's Monday, so you know what that means Europe. It's time for the Nintendo Download update news, letting us know what'll be dropping onto our systems later this week; we have a lengthy list that includes the latest €0.30 / £0.30 Wii U Virtual Console promotion, some...

  • News Shaun Of The Dead Star Seems Pleased With ZombiU Homage

    You've got red on you

    We've all heard of life imitating art, but what about art imitating art? That's exactly what has happened with ZombiU, as it gives the player a cricket bat as their only melee option — a loving nod to the seminal 2004 British horror comedy Shaun of the Dead. In case you haven't seen it, the film focuses on one man's quest to...


  • News Surprise Ubisoft Sale Arrives on Wii U eShop in North America

    Should be codenamed "Operation Rayman Appeasement"

    There's certainly been a lot of fiery outrage around the web and here on Nintendo Life in the past week, with Ubisoft being a target following its delay of Rayman Legends on Wii U — implemented in order to accommodate a simultaneous release on Xbox 360 and PS3. Wii U owners excited about the game...

  • News New ZombiU Hardware Bundle Shuffling Towards North America

    Will cost $389.99, also includes a ZombiU art book and download of Nintendo Land

    With the Wii U launch window approaching its close and Nintendo turning attentions to boosting sales, Nintendo of America is lining up a new hardware bundle to hit stores in the U.S. and Canada on 17th February. The ZombiU Deluxe Set is notably picking up on the bundle...

  • News Ubisoft Studio Boss: People "Need to Experience" Wii U to Understand It

    "The depth of what you can do with that console is really hard to get across"

    With Wii U now settling into the home stretch of its "launch window", and with the recent sales figures and projections from Nintendo's financial results, there's plenty of discussion around the system's early days and its potential for the future. A theme that's been...

  • News ZombiU Developer Announces A Patch Is On The Way

    Fix announced in the game itself

    Gamers who've been playing through ZombiU know all about the interesting messages the development team leave plastered and pasted to the walls and floors of various areas in the game environment. One such message appeared very recently revealing that a patch is on the way. There were previously a few murmuring...


  • News ZombiU Writer Would Add More Melee Weapons If She Had The Chance

    Up close and personal

    No game is ever really perfect, and there are things that developers want to add with the benefit of hindsight. In the case of ZombiU, lead writer and story designer Gabrielle Shrager has admitted that if she had her way, she'd add in more melee weapons to spice things up a bit. Speaking to Game Informer, Shrager said: More...

  • News ZombiU Now Populated By Over 300,000 Undead Players

    Back from the dead

    We reported earlier that Ubisoft is open to the idea of more ZombiU games - which is good news of fans of the Wii U launch title. However, this might come as slightly less positive news to the 300,000 players who have already fallen foul of the game's stern difficulty level and nerve-shredding atmosphere. In the same interview...

  • News Ubisoft Open To The Idea Of ZombiU Sequels

    A frightening franchise?

    Wii U launch title ZombiU seemed to divide critics across the globe, but we thought it was pretty darn special - so much so that we've got all of our fingers and toes crossed that a sequel eventually goes into development. It would appear that the guys at Ubisoft are equally keen to see the game turn into a fully-fledged...

  • Nintendo Download 10th January 2013 (North America)

    Deer hunting, dino pets, biorhythms and world heroes

    It's Nintendo Download update time, and this week's arrivals possibly represent the quirkiest collection of offerings in quite a while. Every platform gets something new — if Wii U demos count — while the handheld platforms have a strong focus on catching, hunting, caring for and picnicking...



  • News Latest Iwata Asks Episode Reveals How Killer Freaks Became ZombiU

    From hyperactive alien Rabbids to slow lumbering zombies

    During E3 back in 2011 Ubisoft revealed a trailer for a Wii U exclusive game known as Killer Freaks from Outer Space. The game looked to be a light-hearted survival horror game that featured strange intergalactic creatures that were hell bent on consuming every living being in their path...

  • News ZombiU Demo Coming To Wii U eShop

    Expect it before 15th December

    Ubisoft has a plenty of Wii U titles available on launch with the likes of ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed III and Rabbids Land to name a few. Rayman Legends unfortunately didn’t make it into the launch line up and is now penned in for an early 2013 release

  • News Dangerously Infectious ZombiU App Now Available On iOS

    Zombie me up, baby

    Following in the footsteps of Nintendo itself, Ubisoft has released a ZombiU app for iOS devices to coincide with the launch of the game on the shiny new Wii U. The free application allows you to take a picture of yourself and will automatically generate an infected image. You can see the difference between the level of...

  • News Ubisoft Has No Plans To Release DLC For ZombiU

    But it remains a "possibility"

    Downloadable content is still a bit of an alien concept for many Nintendo gamers. We’ve had some DLC made available for 3DS titles with the likes of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and New Super Mario Bros. 2 having content through internal stores, and Wii had rare instances too, but now that Wii U has arrived the scope...

  • News ZombiU Live Action Video Shows Multiplayer Battle

    All hail the Zombie King

    Halloween may be gone for the year, but one particular Wii U game will be playing on the fact that, for many of us, it's the time of year with long, dark nights. ZombiU is one of the most eagerly anticipated Wii U launch titles, with early impressions emphasizing the complexities and difficulties it'll offer, as well as its...


  • News ZombiU Structure "Really Inspired by Metroid"

    "Difficult but fair" challenge also a focus

    ZombiU is arguably the highest-profile third-party title on Wii U at launch, dominating the system's demo areas at trade shows and even getting its own console bundle in Europe. Despite the occasional bug and glitch, the builds that we've seen are also promising, with a potential level of immersion and...

  • News Take a Tour of The Tower of London, ZombiU Style

    The Beefeaters might end up eating you

    To drum up even more interest in its undead-filled Wii U launch title ZombiU, Ubisoft has released a video walkthrough for the game's spooky Tower of London segment. Set in the famous structure - which can trace its history all the way back to 1066 - the video illustrates the kind of hair-raising gameplay you...

  • News Mass Effect fans, Take Note: Cris Velasco Is Scoring ZombiU's Soundtrack

    Veteran game composer crafting a dark score for Ubisoft's upcoming zombie title

    Hot off the heels of Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2, BAFTA award winning composer Cris Velasco will be lending his musical talents to the horror genre with Ubisoft's ZombiU. Best known for his work on the God of War series, Cris is no stranger to the game industry,...


  • Hands On Ubisoft's Wii U Launch Hits

    Taking Rayman Legends and ZombiU for another spin

    When it comes to third-party launch support for Wii U, Ubisoft is the stand-out with its sheer volume of titles on the way. As always, the publisher is wading in with a substantial variety of games to cater to gamers of almost all levels and persuasions, but we recently had a chance to have another...

  • News Ubisoft: Wii U Is The Most Innovative System On Earth

    Or any other planet, for that matter

    Ubisoft's Jean-Phillipe Caro has lavished praise on Nintendo's new Wii U console, giving it the lion's share of the credit when it comes to explaining ZombiU's positive pre-release reception. Speaking to ONM, Caro said: I think we are making something fresh with the most innovative console. The Wii U is the...

  • News ZombiU Wii U Premium Bundle Costs £349.99, Doesn't Include Nintendo Land

    Despite what UK retailer GAME is saying

    As reported yesterday, European gamers will be getting an exclusive ZombiU Wii U Premium bundle pack. Today, UK retailer GAME published a page which lists the retail price as £349.99. In American money, that's about $560, in case you were wondering. However, while the price is clear for all to see, confusion...

  • News Nintendo Confirms UK Wii U Showcase Tour

    Your chance to go hands-on

    With the Wii U launch only two-and-a-half months away, Nintendo UK has today confirmed details for the Wii U showcase tour. It'll take in 13 events, appearing first at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 and then at a variety of different shopping centres and venues. The tour will give you the chance to try out New Super Mario Bros...