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  • News Bioware: "No Plans" To Bring New Mass Effect 3 DLC To Wii U

    Citadel and Reckoning DLC unlikely to see the light of day on Wii U

    Mass Effect 3 was released for Wii U on launch day, and included all of the downloadable content that had been made available up to that point. Since then Bioware, the game's developer, has released further DLC for the epic sci-fi adventure in the form of the Omega Pack, which saw...


  • News Mass Effect Trilogy Could Yet Come To Wii U

    BioWare has plans for Nintendo's new console

    Mass Effect 3 was a Wii U launch title and saw the franchise make an appearance on a Nintendo console for the very first time. Naturally fans of the series want to see the previous two games make the move to Wii U as well, but BioWare has no plans to do so - at least for now. Speaking to GamerSyndrome,...


  • News Assassins Creed III, FIFA 13 And Mass Effect 3 All Come Without Online Passes On Wii U

    Pre-owned copies will be able to go online without code redemption

    In an attempt to stop people buying their games from the pre-owned section, games publishers often slip a code into the packaging of their latest games that will be required should you wish to play online. We already know that Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition does not require...

  • News Wii U Mass Effect 3 Owners Cannot Retake Omega

    New DLC pack unavailable on Wii U

    Bioware is set to release some additional DLC for Mass Effect 3 on 27th November in the form of the Omega pack, however those with a copy of the game on Wii U will not be able to download it. This news comes via a tweet from the official Mass Effect account, which when answering a fan’s query on the DLC’s Wii U...

  • News Mass Effect 3 Wii U Content Detailed

    DLC becomes on-disc C

    Mass Effect 3 was one of Wii U's major third-party announcements for a launch release, bringing one of the year's biggest blockbuster titles to the system. The excitement is perhaps dulled by the fact that it's the concluding part of a trilogy, and that a special edition combining the games, Mass Effect Trilogy, is out today...



  • News Rookie Developer Shepherding Mass Effect 3 Onto Wii U

    Read it and reap

    Mass Effect 3 is possibly one of Wii U's biggest launch window titles, or alternatively the port falls way down the pecking order; it's all down to personal perspective. In any case, and much like Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition, the Wii U release won't be put together by the original team but handled by an external development...

  • News Could The Wii U GamePad Suffer From Latency?

    Early hands-on reports suggest so

    One of the most impressive aspects of the Wii U's GamePad controller is its ability to stream gameplay directly from the console so you can play on it even when someone else is hogging your television. This facet of the controller could be a massive selling point in homes that boast large families and subsequently...

  • News Mass Effect 3 Set to Launch Alongside Wii U

    Ready for takeoff

    Don't worry about missing out on any backstory if you jump into the Mass Effect series for the first time on Wii U; Mass Effect 3 will include an interactive mode that fills in the most important parts and lets you make key choices to shape your character. That's better than nothing, right? Speaking at EA's Summer Showcase,...


  • News Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending on Disc for Wii U

    If you don't like it, tough

    Mass Effect 3 will be one of the big-name HD ports to come to Wii U and it's easy to forget that, when it was originally released, fans of the series were exceptionally hyped and excited. As a finale to the epic trilogy, however, some didn't like the ending, making such a noise online that developer Bioware felt compelled...