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  • News Super Ubie Land Set To Emerge This August

    Update: Wii U version now scheduled for "the Fall"

    Since Notion Games revealed the release date of Super Ubie Land, the developer has clarified its comments on Twitter. Although Notion Games clearly wrote #WiiU, #Nintendo and #eShop in the tweet, this is actually the date for the PC, Mac and Linux adaptations. The Wii U eShop version will launch...


  • News Notion Games Reveals New Name For Wii U eShop Title Super Ubi Land

    "Same game, now with extra vitamin E"

    Last week, we reported that developer Notion Games was in the process of changing the name of its upcoming Wii U eShop title, Super Ubi Land. Notion Games had been exchanging emails with Ubisoft, in which the company objected to its current name — issues seems to have been the possibility of brand...

  • News Super Ubi Land Is Set For A Name Change

    Notion Games reveals Ubisoft has been in touch

    Notion Games is bringing Super Ubi Land to the Wii U eShop in the near future, with the help of Maestro Interactive Games. However, though it will eventually find itself in the eShop, it's likely it won't be going by the name Super Ubi Land as it seems Ubisoft has taken issue with it. Notion Games...


  • News Super Ubi Land Kickstarter Has Ended, Target Goal Surpassed

    Super news!

    2D platformer Super Ubi Land's Kickstarter campaign has ended, with Notion Games' project reaching $6,333, surpassing its $5,000 target. Maestro Interactive Games - the team behind upcoming Wii U eShop titles Fade Into Darkness and Cosmic Highway - is helping to bring Super Ubi Land to Nintendo's online store, and said through its...


  • News Notion Games "Would Love" To See Super Ubi Land On 3DS

    It just can't get the staff

    Super Ubi Land is currently being developed for the Wii U eShop and other downloadable platforms by Notion Games. The studio has teamed up with Maestro Interactive Games in order to bring the game out, and hopes to make good use of its official recognition as a Wii U developer by releasing more titles for Nintendo's new...