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  • News Wii U Version Of Road Redemption Being "Re-Evaluated"

    But at least it's not cancelled, like the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions

    The Wii U port of Road Rash spiritual successor Road Redemption is currently being "re-evaluated", according to developer DarkSeas Interactive. The Kickstarter-funded racer - which has sold around 100,000 copies during its spell in Early Access on Steam - was supposed to arrive...



  • News Road Redemption's Wii U Release is Looking Rather Doubtful

    "It will take a tremendous amount of optimization to make it happen"

    Road Redemption was a high profile Kickstarter campaign way back in Spring 2013, as it called upon nostalgia for titles like Road Rash when making its pitch. Having been successfully funded it then had a slightly sticky period where early gameplay videos were poorly received,...







  • News Road Redemption Hits Its Kickstarter Target

    Let's not be rash, we have a bit of a wait

    In recent weeks we've brought Road Redemption to your attention, a Kickstarter project that's promised Wii U as a platform alongside releases on PC and Mac. It's another title made possible by Nintendo's increasing openness to indie developers, as well as the Unity engine support included on the Wii U...