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  • News ARMS Listed For June 23rd Release On Amazon Spain

    Late spring release?

    Since its first reveal at Nintendo's Switch presentation in January, ARMS has yet to be given an official release date. Stated only as Spring 2017, nothing more concrete has been announced from Nintendo to date. Now Amazon Spain has listed the extendable arm fighting game for release on June 23rd; check out the translated...

  • Video Nintendo Releases Localised ARMS Character and Weapon Showcases

    Now nowhere near as Japanese

    A while ago we shared showcase videos for ARMS that had been posted on Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel; these showed off characters and weapons from the game. There are now localised versions of the videos, so if you want to enjoy the footage and actually understand the text / voiceover, these are a good option...


  • Video Nintendo Comes Out Swinging With New ARMS Footage

    A look at characters, moves and strategies

    Nintendo seems rather positive about the prospects of ARMS on Nintendo Switch, giving the game prominence at preview events and citing it as a potential breakthrough title in competitive gaming. It also appeals, of course, to nostalgia for Wii-era motion controls, as you punch and swing your arms to create...

  • News You Can Play ARMS With One Joy-Con, But It's Not Recommended

    Embrace the waggle

    Opinion appears to be curiously divided on ARMS, even within the Nintendo Life office. Some say it's shallow and limited, while others are more excited about its hidden depth and waggle-friendly gameplay, which calls to mind those glory days of Wii Sports boxing. If the thought of flailing your limbs around to pull off moves is...


  • Soapbox You're Going To Love ARMS, And Here's Why

    Boxing clever

    It would be fair to say that ARMS received a somewhat lukewarm response when it was unveiled during the Nintendo Switch presentation. While some reacted positively to the colourful visuals, fetching character design and motion-sensitive action, others wrote it off as little more than Wii Sports boxing with better graphics, and...

  • News Pokkén Tournament and ARMS in the Running for Evo 2017 Player's Choice Spot

    Can't do any 'arm, surely?

    Evo is always one of the year's most anticipated competitive fighting game tournaments, with Super Smash Bros. Melee (and the Wii U entry in the series) often drawing huge crowds on location and online. With the 2017 tournament coming on 14th July, the hype is building early for this year's contest. Eight games have been...

  • First Impressions Going Hand-to-Hand With ARMS

    Fun with fisticuffs

    One of the biggest surprises during Nintendo's Switch Presentation was ARMS, a new one-on-one fighting game directly from The Big N in which you slug it out with springy, stretchy arms. We had the opportunity to spend some time with it at Nintendo's New York Switch event; we're not 100 percent sold, but there's no denying this...

  • News Nintendo Introduces ARMS, a New Boxing IP

    Join the Arms race

    Much in the same way that Splatoon was a new IP that acted as a poster child for the Wii U, it seems that Nintendo is bringing in another new IP to show off the motion controls for the Nintendo Switch. The new game is called ARMS, and features a colourful cast of characters in a high intensity boxing match. Character arms are...