Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage


Mega Drive


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User Ratings: 19

Our Review: 7/10

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  • News SEGA Launches New Streets Of Rage Merch In Europe

    Streets of Range

    While all the trendy kids talk about Streets of Rage 4 and (accurately) discuss how awesome it is, those of us that prefer the soft glow of nostalgia look back to the original. In truth it doesn't hold up as well as its outstanding sequel, but it's an iconic game among retro enthusiasts and some of us that had our young minds blown...



  • Talking Point What's Your Comfort Food Game?

    When you find yourself in times of trouble

    What with one thing and another, it's fair to say that 2020's been a challenging year, and many of us have been retreating into digital spaces for comfort and escape in our off-hours. Whether you find comfort in an old familiar favourite, or prefer to lose yourself in something unknown, the ability to...





  • News This Is What A New Streets Of Rage And ESWAT Could Have Looked Like

    Backbone pitched the ideas to Sega

    Former Backbone Entertainment artist Arvin Bautista has published art from Streets of Rage and ESWAT titles which were pitched to Sega — presumably with little success. Bautista — who has also worked on Capcom titles Commando: Wolf of the Battlefield and 1942: Joint Strike — has released the concept art on...


  • News Streets Of Rage 4 Almost Happened, But Sega Decided Otherwise

    Series composer spills the beans

    Sega's Streets of Rage franchise - known in Japan as Bare Knuckle - is arguably one of the most beloved 16-bit series of all time. It's not just popular with Sega fans, either; the legendary second outing is seen by many retro experts as the finest side-scrolling fighter ever conceived. Amazingly, the franchise has...


  • News Streets of Rage Gets Real in Fan Movie

    Street art

    If you like Streets of Rage and have 23 minutes to spare, grab some popcorn and make yourself comfortable. Some ambitious fans have brought the series to life with the magic of street fighting, fireworks and YouTube. The video follows Axel Stone as he swaggers through the streets, punishing any thugs that dare to threaten him and kicking...