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  • News Shigeru Miyamoto Introduces His Pikmin Short Films in Tokyo

    Details over release on Nintendo systems still unconfirmed

    Not long ago we shared the news that Shigeru Miyamoto was preparing to unveil three Pikmin short films at the Tokyo International Film Festival. That takes place in the coming week, and Miyamoto-san has begun to talk more about the project ahead of the short films having their world...



  • Weirdness Pikmin on GameCube Can Be Run in Windows

    With extra bugs included

    Game development is a complicated business, even if modern tools and engines do much to ease the burden and the level of tricky coding required. Nintendo, of course, utilises its own engines and techniques, meaning that there are a lot of coders in its shiny new development building and others besides busily doing some...


  • Weirdness Gaze in Wonder at Junkboy's 16-Bit "Demake" Art

    Don't you want Super Smash Bros. on SNES?

    Retro-inspired "demakes" of popular modern games are all the rage these days, but don't you want to put some on your walls? Swedish graphic designer Junkboy has created a wide array of gorgeous 16-bit demake art, much of which is available for purchase online. You can check out his Tumblr page for the full...


  • News Pikmin Keyrings Arrive as Club Nintendo Europe Rewards

    If you lose your keys, just whistle

    Club Nintendo rewards, in Europe particularly, aren't updated particularly regularly. When something new arrives, as a result, street parties are held, firework displays are common and gamers are merry. Well, OK, that doesn't happen, but considering that some of the existing rewards in Europe are DSi kits and...


  • Feature A Brief History of Pikmin

    Three down, more surely to come

    Pikmin 3, after a lengthy development period, is now beginning to grace Wii U systems around the world, and is clearly a source of great pride for Shigeru Miyamoto. The famous Nintendo designer has described it as the "ultimate version of Pikmin 1", and to date it's received substantial critical praise, including a...

  • News Pikmin 3 Shifts Slightly More Copies Than The Original in First Week in Japan

    Naturally, it sold less than Pikmin 2

    Pikmin 3 was released in Japan last week and new data from Media Create has shown it has sold a respectable number of copies. The folks at Siliconera have put together a little comparison chart showing how the third game in the series sold in relation to its two predecessors. As we know, Pikmin 3 sold 92,720...

  • News Miyamoto: Fresh Experiences Make A New Game, Not New Characters

    Nintendo focusing on new experiences rather than characters

    One thing Nintendo is certainly not short of is franchises and over the years the likes of Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Kid Icarus and the plucky Pikmin have all emerged. However, a complaint that is sometimes leveled at Nintendo is its continued use of the same...


  • Feature The Future of GameCube on Wii U

    Including the 'Cube

    When Wii U is released, you'll be able to play games from each of Nintendo's home consoles thanks to a mixture of backwards compatibility and the Virtual Console. With one exception. No, not Virtual Boy. Currently GameCube has no place on Nintendo's first high definition console, that we know of: only games on systems up to...


  • Feature Pikmin's 10th Anniversary

    A modern classic

    The GameCube era is still a questionable time for Nintendo fans. While the console undoubtedly had its standout titles, there always seems to be a lingering question over how high — or, more to the point, how low — it would rank when gauged against Nintendo's other consoles. But wherever you fall in the debate, it's impossible...


  • News Catch a Live Stream of Symphonic Legends This Thursday Evening

    Orchestral arrangements of classic Nintendo games

    If you've not got any plans this Thursday night, then be sure to tune into a live stream of Symphonic Legends' orchestral renditions of classic video games. Produced by Thomas Boecker with Jonne Valtonen taking lead composer duties, the WDR Radio Orchestra will be performing at the Cologne...


  • News Captain Legolimar Lands in Denmark

    Little chap proceeds to fend off Lego Bulborbs

    Last week we brought you this superb Lego Donkey Kong level among other Nintendo craft treats, but the collision of Nintendo and Lego became a lot cuter with the arrival of Olimar and Louie, from talented Danish artist Filip Felberg. Check out the gallery in the link below, but be careful - those Lego...


  • News Five GameCube Games That Should Come To Wii


    Given the GameCube's wonderful back-catalogue, here are five games we'd love to see come to the Wii. The PlayStation 2 had already run away with the “console war crown" a good year or so before the GameCube's launch and Nintendo's box never really packed any kind of punch worthy enough of denting Sony's dominance. With Microsoft...