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  • News myNotebook Development Nearing Completion

    New DSiWare app on tap for a release later this year.

    Nnooo have just announced that development on their new DSiWare application myNotebook is almost completed and that the app is set for a release on the DSiWare service later this year. You can check out the official press release below for a bit more information about this unique DSiWare...


  • News First Video of myNotebook

    Check out Nnooo's first DSiWare application in action!

    Nnooo has just sent over a link to the first video of their upcoming DSiWare application myNotebook. You can take a look at some of the many functions of the application in a hands-on type demonstration. It's looking like a very unique and useful application and we're already looking forward to...

  • News Pop Creator Bringing New Apps to DSiWare

    Time to make your life more productive and enjoyable!

    Nnooo, the creators of Pop and Pop Plus: Solo are in the process of creating a set of apps for the DSiWare service that will attempt to make your life more efficient and productive. Not to mention fun and enjoyable! myNotebook will mark the first release from the myLifeCollected series and is...