Extreme Hangman

Extreme Hangman


Gamelion Studios
Gamelion Studios


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Our Review: 6/10

Extreme Hangman News


  • Nintendo Download 2nd July (Europe)

    DSiWare galore!

    DSiWare gets another massive load of new games today, but they're probably not the things you'll mostly be wanting to pay attention to - Both WiiWare and the Virtual Console only get one game each, but they're both great and more than worthy of a look-see. WiiWare: Jett Rocket (1000pts - Shin'en Multimedia) -- A 3D platformer with...



  • News Official Extreme Hangman Trailer Released

    Check out the game in action!

    Game Lion have just released the official gameplay trailer for their upcoming DSiWare release Extreme Hangman. They've also informed us that the game is currently in QA at Nintendo and should be available soon. You can check out the gameplay video below for a taste of what you can expect from the game. We'll have more...


  • News Extreme Hangman Coming to DSiWare

    Gamelion announce their new DSiWare title.

    Gamelion Studios have just announced their brand new DSiWare title Extreme Hangman. The game is currently going through the ESRB Ratings submission process and will soon be in lot-check at Nintendo for their approval. The game is already a best-seller on the Verizon service and is also available for iPhone...