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  • News Amoebattle's Quarantine Period is Nearly Over

    Release due soon

    After a long wait, Intrinsic Games' Amoebattle is nearly ready to infect DSiWare. The real-time strategy game with a distinctly germy theme has been approved for release by Nintendo of America, with a definitive release date expected in the near future. If you want to know more about Intrinsic's RTS, you can read our Amoebattle...


  • News Intrinsic Pushes Amoebattle Back to 2012

    Another project to be revealed soon

    Intrinsic Games has revealed its upcoming DSiWare real-time strategy title Amoebattle has been delayed until 2012. Intrinsic president Hersh Choksi announced the delay is necessary to overcome some development difficulties and ensure the game is a noteworthy release on DSiWare: We hit some major development...


  • Interview Intrinsic Games - Amoebattle for DSiWare

    Your questions, answered

    A while ago we invited you to submit your questions for Amoebattle developer Intrinsic Games. We pitched the best ones to the indie developer and now we have a whole stack of answers. @Squiggle55 - What sets Amoebattle apart from other games in the genre? Traditionally, most games in the Real Time Strategy genre are for the...

  • News Amoebattle Featured in Indie Showcase Top Ten

    Only Nintendo game nominated

    Real-time strategy game Amoebattle is evolving onto DSiWare later this year, and it's already lined up in a high-profile indie games showcase this month. The Develop Expo's Indie Showcase highlights the best independent studios in the world, with Intrinsic Games featuring alongside nine other teams. Amoebattle is also the only game developed for a Nintendo platform to..

  • News Submit Your Amoebattle Questions for Intrinsic Games

    Get DSiWare RTS answers

    Amoebattle for DSiWare isn't your average DSiWare game: it's not a puzzler or a card game, it's a real-time strategy played on a molecular level. Coming from Intrinsic Games, the team behind the pretty good Divergent Shift, Amoebattle puts you in charge of a squad of single-celled organisms fighting off an infection. We'll be interviewing Intrinsic Games about the game and..