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Final Fantasy III


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Final Fantasy III News



  • News Final Fantasy III Hits Europe In May

    The long wait for FFIII is almost over for Europeans, DS game will launch on May 4th, 2007.

    Square seem rather happy with themselves for this release, let me hand you over to John Yamamoto, President and CEO of Square Enix. “The arrival of FINAL FANTASY III on Nintendo DS showcases the power of the hardware and proves that no compromise has to be made in order to create an adventure of this..


  • News Final Fantasy III Trailer Released

    The DS game worth buying the console for is out this year, and now for a sneak peak...

    Role Playing Fans rejoice as you can now see one of the best Final Fantasies in 3D for the DS. For those who don't know FFIII never saw release outside of Japan, so this remake will be the first time for many to play this game. Below is the trailer: What has surprised me most about this trailer is how awesome the..