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  • Rumour Rare Looking Into 3DS Development

    Banjo-Kazooie 3D a possibility

    The rumour mill has been churning up some pretty exciting stuff lately, and here's a bit that seems plausible considering that Microsoft saw no problem with Rare working on DS games like Viva Piñata and Diddy Kong Racing. Supposedly, the company is in talks with Nintendo to develop games for the 3DS platform,...


  • News Diddy Kong To Hit Europe In April

    Nintendo announce Diddy Kong Racing DS to launch on April 20th in Europe.

    One of the best N64 titles has already been transmodularised into a new DS game and launched in the US is now set to launch in Europe in a few months time. We've played the US version and first impressions are good, expect a full review this weekend. In the meantime here's...


  • News Diddy Kong Racing DS Launches Stateside

    Today marks the release of the DS remake Diddy Kong Racing DS which expands upon the classic N64 title.

    Possibily the finest karting game of its generation, Diddy Kong Racing was one of the many classic titles that came out of Rare in the late 90's. Nintendo have teamed up once more with Rare to bring this 10 year old classic to the portable DS...


  • News Diddy Kong Racing Details

    Possible Mario Kart beater with four all new tracks, six player online action AND a track builder.

    One game has been sleeping, sleeping until now. Nintendo have finally revealed all the goods on their upcoming remake of the N64 classic Diddy Kong Racing, hitting the DS in the US next month. Fact Sheet:A bloated space pig has taken control of Diddy...


  • News Rare's Diddy Kong Racing Upgrade

    Recently announced DS game confirmed to be developed by Rare along with some further details.

    Amongst the mass of DS announcements one caught my eye the most, Diddy Kong Racing DS. Fond memories of the N64 rushed into my brain and everything felt fuzzy. Nintendo of course kept things very quiet, not giving out further details and a merge single...