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  • News NIS America Confirms Rodea the Sky Soldier Delay

    You have to wait until mid-November

    Rodea the Sky Soldier, a title with a troubled development and publishing cycle which failed to take off after release in Japan, is still nevertheless one to watch. A project originally led by Yuji Naka, we had fun with it when we went hands on earlier this summer. Unfortunately,

  • Rumour Rodea the Sky Soldier Release Pushed Back to November

    Amazon orders delayed

    Rodea the Sky Soldier has had a troubled history, delayed frequently before its eventual release - and commercial flop - in Japan. It seems that troubles have followed its localisation, too, if the status of Amazon orders are to be believed. We're been sent a copy of a pre-order notification for Amazon in the US - thanks Zach...








  • News Rodea the Sky Soldier Still in Development for Wii and 3DS

    Quite a delay for a Wii flight

    Rodea the Sky Soldier has been a project in development purgatory, or so it seems to us here at Nintendo Life. For a couple of years infrequent updates have confirmed that the game is still set for Wii and 3DS, with the title being strung along every step of the way; for his part Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka...


  • News Rodea the Sky Soldier Still Has No Release Plans

    Former Sonic man is keen to work on Wii U

    Do you remember Rodea the Sky Soldier from Yuji Naka's PROPE studio, the man who many credit with creating Sonic the Hedgehog? It's supposed to be released on Wii and 3DS, with the handheld version being handled by another developer, Kadokawa Games, the same organisation in charge of publishing the Wii...


  • News Rodea the Sky Soldier Flying to Wii and 3DS

    Check out Yuji Naka's newest project in action

    We recently heard word that Yuji Naka, former head honcho of Sega's Sonic Team, was working on a brand new and highly secret project for both the Nintendo Wii and 3DS systems, but so far we've seen very little in the way of screenshots and absolutely no video of the game in action at all. Well the wait...