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  • Hands On Crossing Over With Project X Zone 2

    A character bonanza

    When Project X Zone was originally announced, the news came somewhat out of left field. The massive crossover was an RPG lover's dream, featuring characters and content from three popular and prolific companies. The final result was a success, though there were some complaints to be had with the basic gameplay structure,...

  • Nintendo Download 21st January (Europe)

    Mario Kart 64! Adventures of Pip! Radiohammer! Themes galore! More!

    Another week begins with the Nintendo Download Update details in Europe, and this time around we have a Nintendo 64 classic joined by a long-awaited retro-styled new release on the home console. Beyond that we have an exciting demo, 3DS Home Themes galore and a few discounts; let's...

  • News North America Gets a Project X Zone 2 Demo on 26th January

    A taste of what's to come

    It's somewhat hard to believe, but Project X Zone 2 is just about a month away from releasing here in the west. The sequel to the three company mega mashup SRPG extravaganza that was Project X Zone aims to deliver an even bigger experience, with more characters and cameos from the companies' rich histories. While it may be...

  • Feature The Biggest 3DS Games of 2016

    Fire Emblem! Hyrule Warriors! Metroid Prime-ish! Old Pokémon! More!

    2016 has arrived, and with it comes optimism and potential for an exciting gaming year ahead. Though plenty of eyes are turning to the next generation of Nintendo hardware, of course, we nevertheless have a fairly busy line-up on the way for 3DS, the portable that continues to keep...






  • Gallery More Details, Characters and Artwork Unleashed for Project X Zone 2

    Chun-Li, Ling Xiaoyu, Morrigan and more

    Project X Zone 2 remains one of the most pleasant surprises for 3DS this year, not only for the fact it's been made but also that it's coming to the West. Due this Fall in North America and next year in Europe, it'll no doubt bring its blend of cross-franchise RPG madness back once again. The original wasn't...

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  • Video This Fresh Project X Zone 2 Footage Will Get Your Pulse Racing

    New trailer shows off in-game action

    Project X Zone 2 is coming to a 3DS near you this fall, and Bandai Namco has unleashed a new trailer which shows off some of the characters contained within the game. As well as usual suspects like Ryu and Ken, you'll be able to control characters from Sega's Yakuza: Dead Souls, Namco's Tekken and Bandai Namco's...