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  • News The Top 10 Best-Selling 3DS Games (As Of December 2018)

    Pokémon here, Pokémon there

    As part of its Q3 2019 financial update, Nintendo has provided up-to-date lists for its best-selling games across current consoles. We've already shared the current top ten best-selling Switch games, but what about the 3DS? Well, as it happens, the top ten 3DS games are exactly the same now as they were three month




  • News You Can Now Grab The Legendary Latias And Latios In Pokémon Sun & Moon

    The distribution has begun

    If you're a diehard Pokémon fan, you'll no doubt be aware that this year has seen a celebration of all things legendary, with proceedings aptly named the 'Year of Legendary Pokémon'. Well, the month of September brings with it another duo of legendary beasts for your collection: Latias and Latios. These fan-favourite...






  • News The Pokémon Sun And Moon Anime Hits Netflix

    43 episodes to binge-watch

    The Pokémon Sun And Moon anime series has just hit Netflix. 43 episodes are currently available, giving you the chance to experience the new adventures of Ash and Pikachu.  The focus of the series is Ash's arrival at the Pokémon School in the Alola region, where he meets new...


  • News Last Year Was Particularly Good For Pokémon Sales In Europe

    It's super effective!

    Sometimes it's easy to just think of Pokémon as a very successful video game franchise, with recent releases such as Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on 3DS and Pokémon GO on mobile both performing really well. Of course, the Pokémon franchise is so much more than just video games and today we got an update from...






  • News Bandai Set To Release Stunning New Set Of Physical PokéBalls

    Gotta buy them all!

    Pokémon fans rejoice! Bandai has announced its 'Pokemon: Ball Collection Ultra' series, a stunningly beautiful collection of real, physical PokéBalls that are set to be available in January next year. The collection includes the more common ball types: Poké, Great, Ultra, and Master, as well as a Luxury Ball and a Beast Ball...









  • News Pokémon Sun And Moon's Next Global Mission Is Now Live

    "Get BP at the Battle Tree!"

    A new global mission has gone live in Pokémon Sun and Moon, with the objective being to earn as many Battle Points as possible at the Battle Tree. The event ends at 23:59 UTC on March 13th. The goal is to reach 250,000 Battle Points. If this goal is reached, PGL members will earn 4,000 FC while non-PGL members will...

  • Video Usain Bolt Brings Olympian Power in Latest Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailers

    The Pokémon Company continues to invest big in the series

    If Nintendo researches successful marketing campaigns and their franchises it need not look much further than Pokémon, in which the big N naturally has a significant stake. During the 20th Anniversary celebrations last year and the launch of Pokémon GO followed by Pokémon Sun and Moon, we...

  • News Pokémon Scoops Two Wins at the D.I.C.E. Awards

    Portable power

    Game of the Year awards keep on coming and the D.I.C.E. Awards are the latest to be announced, the lucrative ceremony also serving as the conclusion to this year's D.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit. Nintendo has managed to scoop some awards from this event in the past, and despite a relatively quiet 2016 has...

  • News Pokémon and 3DS Continue on Their Merry Way in a Quiet Week for Japanese Charts

    For Honor leads for PS4 with modest sales

    A little later than normal on our part - apologies for that - we have the Media Create chart results out of Japan. There's not a huge amount of movement this time around, with new releases outside of Nintendo hardware having a rather limited impact. Starting with the software top 20, For Honor makes its...