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  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - The Return

    Start your engines

    At the dawn of time Nintendo Life arranged community nights of online Mario Kart 7, and the gamers were happy. And lo, the ceremonies were ended in favour of seeking new forms of entertainment, exploring the world of online Nintendo gaming and seeking places where all could meet, unite as one, and compete in fun games. So began a...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 With Nintendo Life - Choose Your Rules

    It's baaaaaaaack!!!

    There was a time, in early 2013, when team NL had a conversation that went like this... "Right, time for another Mario Kart 7 community night, right?" "Maybe we should see if any Wii U games have online community features." "Erm, Call of Duty?" "Nah, let's look into it." Well, we've been 'looking into it' — which means...


  • News Marty Reminds 3DS Users What Not To Do On Miiverse

    Now be responsible!

    Nintendo of Europe's Marty has issued a new announcement via Miiverse regarding Code of Conduct and the sharing of Friend Codes on the 3DS and Wii U social network service. This timely reminder slots in with the recent Miiverse update for the 3DS, and has likely been issued to inform first-time Nintendo Network ID users about...

  • Weirdness This Real-Life Version Of Mario Kart Looks Extreme

    Blue shells seem thankfully absent

    Australia is the place to go if it's raw thrills you're after. Even just putting on a shoe is a potentially heart-racing experience as you wonder what kind of multi-legged monster is waiting within. Bungee-jumping and surfing may be getting a bit stale for some adrenaline junkies though, so what better way to liven...


  • News Sonic Can't Quite Dash Into the UK All-Format Top 10

    Both Pokémon titles drop below the multi-format Skylanders SWAP Force

    UKIE has issued its update of the latest comings and goings in the UK software all-format charts, and there are some positives and negatives for Nintendo to consider. At the higher end of the scale we have Pokémon X & Pokémon Y in fourth and fifth place respectively, both...

  • News Pokémon X & Y Occupy Third and Fourth Spots in UK All-Format Chart

    The Wind Waker HD hangs on in top 10

    The hype around Pokémon X & Y has finally ended, as many 3DS gamers around the world are now immersed in establishing their teams and training 'mon. Naturally we're left to wonder how the excitable build-up has translated to sales, and we'll have a good idea on Wednesday for Japan, though we'll need to wait...



  • News Nintendo UK Launches Mario Kart 7 Facebook App

    Event Races and Time Trials to take on

    For a number of months Nintendo UK has been hosting regular Mario Kart 7 community races, but those that want to compete and meet other racers will now have a chance to do so in more detail with the new Facebook app that's been launched. As well as weekly races, the new app will allow for greater interaction...

  • News There's a Real-Life Mario Kart for Sale

    Don’t kick the tires

    Ever wanted your very own life-sized Mario Kart? Or at least a replica that appeared in a TV spot? Your chance is now on that dream market called eBay! A Luigi Bumblebee Kart is currently listed for bidding, starting at $1,000 and closing shortly before 5 p.m. PDT on 10th August. Of course, if you want to forgo the excitement...


  • News Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Racing to Arcades

    Like Mario Kart 7 on steroids, and probably not as good

    While talking about the Mario Kart franchise, we think the majority of people focus on those games published by Nintendo for its systems, but any discussion will have at least one person say "ah, but what about the arcades?" Typically they're not counted as part of the series, as they're...

  • News Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Retains Third Spot in UK Charts

    New Leaf is just one place behind

    There was a time in the earlier days of the 3DS when new game releases, even first-party titles, would flirt with the UK all-format top ten on their debut week and drop away rather quickly afterwards. Momentum wasn't a word often uttered, as the system strove to establish a user base and challenge the big boys...


  • Feature Our Top 10 3DS Games - Summer 2013

    The favourites so far

    With E3 2013 now a little over a week away, we expect a lot of talk to focus on the Wii U and its competitors, as the home consoles prepare for a battle at the retailers this Holiday season. And yet, we feel we should take another opportunity at this juncture to show some love for the 3DS, the handheld that overcame a rocky...



  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo UK - Round 2

    Kicks off from 7-9pm UK time

    At the weekend Nintendo UK invited racers to some rounds of Mario Kart 7, though without a huge amount of advance warning. Nevertheless, the event — which should be open to worldwide players, we imagine — clearly went down well, as another official community get-together is confirmed for today between 7-9pm UK time;...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo UK

    Bob-ombs at the ready!

    Grab your race suit and join Nintendo UK in a special Mario Kart 7 community event happening right now. The event has been arranged via the official Nintendo 3DS UK Facebook page and is due to last until 4PM GMT. "The special Mario Kart 7 Community event code is 28-7591-1601-9148. The event is now open, good luck to all...


  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life

    Start your engines

    It's been too long, so much so that we may need to renew our licenses, but it's time to take to the track for some Nintendo Life community races in Mario Kart 7. We all like to think we're the next Sebastian Vettel with a red shell in hand, so now we have to prove it. Yesterday we asked you which rules you want in both our both...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 Community Rooms - Choose The Rules

    It's back

    Last year we had a couple of rather fun community sessions playing Mario Kart 7, where the Nintendo Life community did battle with each other and some of the humble writing team. They were blood-baths of shell and banana skin-related tumbles, while tears were shed along with some choice curse words as podium places were lost. It was...


  • News Wii U Wasn't The Only Nintendo Hardware Launch In Europe This Month

    We go hands-on with the gorgeous white 3DS XL

    Nintendo doesn't do things by halves. November may mark the release month of the Wii U console in Europe, but that hasn't stopped the company from pushing out another piece of tech in the same time period. Today marks the release of the white 3DS XL Super Mario 3D Land bundle in Europe, which follows...

  • News Mario Kart 7 3DS XL Bundle Confirmed for North America

    Rumour drifts into truth

    Less than 24 hours ago we reported two fresh 3DS rumours, which involved a standard model price cut and a new XL bundle. It didn't take long for one of them to be confirmed by Nintendo, with Holiday shoppers set to be tempted by a blue 3DS XL that also includes Mario Kart 7. As previously reported, this bundle will have a...

  • News Exclusive Chinese 3DS XL Models Revealed

    Feast your eyes on these bad boys

    Distributor of Nintendo products in China, iQue, have revealed 3 gorgeous 3DS XL models which will launch this December 2012 exclusively for the region. No price tag has been put on the models as of yet. Below you can check out the 3 models: Mario White, Mario Silver and Mario Red & Gold (Limited Edition), and...



  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - Today! Again!

    Race or battle, you choose

    This week's been dominated by Wii U, with plenty of news, footage and excitement for Nintendo gamers. After all of the hype we need to relax, kick back, and go shell-crazy in Mario Kart 7, of course. We want to do this with you, so today is the second Nintendo Life Mario Kart 7 Community Event; this time, it's serious...

  • News Nintendo UK Calls a Race For The Fastest Mario Kart 7 Players

    Lights are green

    Nintendo UK has been encouraging gamers to play a lot of Mario Kart 7 recently, with a number of heats completed in the quest to find Britain's Fastest Family. It's now confirmed that the grand final of that contest, 27th October in Birmingham, will be combined with the final of a new event to find the "Best Mario Kart 7 Player in...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 Community Rooms - You Decide

    Let's go round again

    A week ago we hosted a Mario Kart 7 community event, where you joined us for some shell throwing, banana dodging mayhem. The community room we used expanded from four players to over 180 by the end of the night, and we loved racing against you all and chatting in the comments and on our Twitter page. Naturally, this isn't going...


  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - Today!

    Start your engines

    Once upon a time Nintendo Life set up Communities in Mario Kart 7, and these rooms were full of happy 3DS owners enjoying some online races. The passage of time was cruel, however, and the official community room became almost empty, with just a few stalwarts keeping it going and some keen racers meeting up via the forums. We've...

  • News Nintendo In The Game For Golden Joystick Awards

    Your votes can help

    It's awards season, once again, with nominations for the 30th Golden Joystick Awards now confirmed and Nintendo games or exclusives featuring in a number of categories. These awards are decided entirely by the public, so if you feel that the big N deserves a chance to win you can have your say. Below are the nominations for...

  • News Mario Kart 7 'Fastest Family' Contest is in The Final Straight

    The last chance to qualify

    In recent weeks we've brought you regular updates on Nintendo UK's Fastest Family competition, which aims to seek out the quickest Mario Kart 7 racers from around the country. Throughout August regional heats have been taking place at HMV stores, with the winners securing a place in the grand final in October; there'll be...

  • News Mario Kart 7 'Fastest Family' Competition Hits The Road

    UK contest teams up with HMV

    You may have been aware in recent weeks of Nintendo's build up for its Mario Kart 7 Fastest Family contest in the UK, with celebrity Rufus Hound starring in videos to advertise the event. For those interested in entering with their families, the time to put that practice to good use has finally arrived. Nintendo has...


  • News Mario Kart 7 'Fastest Family' Video Gets Serious

    Real life weapons

    Not long ago we brought you a video with UK celebrity Rufus Hound, which was a promo for the Mario Kart 7 "Fastest Family" competition. With regional heats due to start in August, and with a real car and coveted Leaf Cup at stake, the latest video has one simple message: get training. As you can see in the footage below some...

  • News Mario Kart 7 'Fastest Family' Competition Calls in a Celeb

    No, we don't mean Mario

    Not long ago we brought you Nintendo's announcement of the Britain's Fastest Family competition, which is naturally all about Mario Kart 7. Young and old family members team up and enter regional heats around the UK in August, with the grand finale in October. Regional winners receive 'a year’s worth of Nintendo 3DS games',...

  • News Europe's Club Nintendo Gets Real-Life Mario Kart Trophies

    The race is on

    You might not be a real-life Mario Kart medallist like some people, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little silverware of your own to put on display. Europe's Club Nintendo just updated with three snazzy Mario Kart trophies — Shell, Leaf and Special — at just 5,000 Stars each. They're miniature versions of the trophies...


  • News Mario Kart 7 Goes on the Road with Big Time Rush

    Mario on tour

    Nintendo of America has certainly shown a willingness to team up with others to spread awareness of the major 3DS game releases, taking Mario Tennis Open on a tour with the USTA for example. More 3DS systems are preparing to hit the road in the latest partnership, with Mario Kart 7 joining Nickelodeon’s Big Time Summer Tour. This...

  • News Nintendo Seeks Britain's Fastest Mario Kart 7 Family

    Start your engines

    Mario Kart 7 has been racing around on 3DS screens since late last year, so many of us are probably getting pretty fast by now. That said, there's always someone with an online rank of 15,000 that blows the competition away. Nintendo is keen to encourage families of 3DS gamers to put that practice to good use, with a competition...


  • News Mario Kart 7 Update Available Now

    Commence updating!

    The exploit-fixing update for Mario Kart 7 is available now. It patches up glaring shortcuts in the game's Wuhu Island Loop, Wuhu Mountain Loop and GBA Bowser Castle 1 courses. You won't be able to play online if you don't download the update, so hopefully this'll level the online playing field. Here's how to update your game: 1)...


  • News Mario's Presence in UK is 'Smallest in the World'

    "We need to promptly improve this situation"

    It's become apparent from the weekly UK software charts that Nintendo titles are struggling to make a significant impact in the country. Today's financial report statements from Nintendo revealed an interesting statistic about the sales of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 throughout Europe, and the...

  • News Europe, Your 3DS System Update Arrives 25th April

    Update: North American update on the same day

    You know that fancy 3DS system update that was announced earlier in Japan? Europeans can now look forward to grabbing it on the same day, 25th April. The update will come as a relief to those who have cluttered up their Home screens with the Ambassador games, demos and 3D trailers. You'll be able to give...


  • News Hideki Konno Discusses Mario Kart 7 and its Development

    Blue shells aren't going anywhere

    Mario Kart 7 is now well established as one of the games to own on 3DS, contributing to an important revival for the handheld in the Holiday period. We'd wager a lot of gamers are still revving up their karts for some racing, which says a lot for the series' appeal to gamers of varying experience levels. IGN has...


  • News Nate Stehley Looks Happy With His Real-Life Mario Kart

    Who wouldn't be?

    Nate Stehley, winner of the Mario Kart 7 real-life kart, certainly looks thrilled in this new video showing his prize rolling up at his front door. Stehley can barely contain his excitement as the actual real Mario knocks on his front door and escorts him down to his new electric-powered kart, built by West Coast Customs. If you're...

  • News Expect to See a Real Mario Kart in Tennessee Real Soon

    Miyamoto not included

    Remember those real-life Mario Karts created by West Coast Customs? Nate Stehley of Clarksville, Tennessee just won one. Stehley will get the keys to his fully functional electric-powered kart on Tuesday, so if you step out next week and see a grown man driving a Mario kart with a glider attached, you're not going completely...

  • News Mario Kart 7 Mobile App Makes Kart Combos Clearer

    Take advantage

    With so many different kart pieces to unlock in Mario Kart 7, it can be tough knowing what's what and how to maximise your kart's abilities for land, sea and air. That's where the Combo Explorer app for iOS and Android can come in handy. The application lets you create a custom kart from all in-game parts and see how it stacks up...

  • News Zelda and Mario Up for Multiple BAFTA Awards

    Can they conquer HD?

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is up for BAFTA Game of 2011 — the only award decided by a public vote — but the BAFTA board itself will have to decide if Link's most recent adventure deserves awards for Best Game or Game Innovation at the upcoming ceremony. Zelda's not the only flagship Nintendo franchise nominated:...

  • News 3DS Big Three Keep on Selling in Japan

    Nearly 4 million served

    Nintendo's Christmas trio of top titles continues to sell in Japan into January, with Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and Monster Hunter 3 G still topping the country's sales charts. Between them the games have sold 3.94 million copies in Japan, an incredible figure as the most recent hardware sales put the machine at 3.6m...


  • News Nintendo Wants to Keep Old Titles Fresh with DLC

    Add-ons a-go-go

    It's a common problem in these days of overly crammed release schedules: wait around for a few weeks and you might find that the game you've just spent your precious pennies on is already considered old hat. The community has already moved on to the next title, nobody wants to talk about it any longer and, while it might still be...

  • News Resident Evil Revelations Scares Its Way Up UK Charts

    The monstrous Circle Pad Pro included with some

    Resident Evil Revelations certainly had plenty of build-up and hype before its release in Europe, including an extended trailer that reveals much of the storyline. It also received mainly positive reviews and avoided any troublesome save data arguments as endured by its predecessor, Resident Evil: The...

  • News Nintendo Has No Plans to Fix Mario Kart 7's Maka Wuhu Glitch

    So keep on droppin'

    If you've played Mario Kart 7 online, chances are you've encountered the Maka Wuhu glitch that allows devious racers to bypass a huge section of the course. Nintendo knows about it too, but will it do anything to address it? Stick Twiddlers emailed Nintendo of America about the issue and got this response: Thanks for your...


  • News Join Our Mario Kart 7 Communities for Festive Fun!

    Show us some skill

    If you're one of the many thousands unwrapping a 3DS console and/or Mario Kart 7, you probably want to try out its really rather good online modes. We've put together not one, not two, but three official Nintendo Life racing communities for you to take part in. Here's how to get involved: Load up Mario Kart 7 Install the Mario...

  • News Nintendo TV Hits the UK eShop in 3D

    Includes 3D footage of our editor

    You'll probably remember that Nintendo Life took the podium at the Mario Kart 7 launch event, but now you can experience that excitement for yourself in the first episode of Nintendo TV, available now in the UK's eShop. The 3D episode features a very brief report on the game's London launch event — where our own...

  • News Photos of Shigeru Miyamoto Sat in a Real Life Mario Kart

    No words required

    It's been more like Shigeru Miyamoto Life around these parts this week, with Nintendo's legendary designer hitting the headlines for his apparent — though later rescinded — announcement of his retirement. He's still a fun lovin' kind of guy though, as these photos of him sat in a real-life Mario Kart prove. Miyamoto was in...

  • Guide Mario Kart 7 Top Tips

    Be magnificent in MK7

    By now you'll probably have pumped a stack of hours into Mario Kart 7, but if you're still finding yourself more loser than leader we've got Mario Kart medallist James Newton to put together a few short tips to help you shave seconds off your performances. If you want to put your new skills to the test, check out our Mario Kar