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  • News The Top Ten Best-Selling Nintendo 3DS Games (As Of December 2019)

    Mario Kart 7 continues to sell

    Sales of the mighty Nintendo 3DS are truly starting to grind to a halt now, but software sales continue to trickle in as the transition to Switch continues to take place. We've already looked at the top ten best-selling Switch games earlier today, but let's now shift our attention to the 3DS for old times' sake. It...


  • News Mario Kart 7 Is Still Selling Like Hotcakes

    Wacky races

    While many pundits have declared that the 3DS is now officially dead with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's latest shareholder reports suggest that evergreen titles like Mario Kart 7 are still enjoying fantastic success. In the last financial year, it has been revealed that Mario Kart 7 shifted 1.21 million units across the...







  • Random This Mario Kart 7 Hack Lets You Play As Waluigi

    WAH-io Kart

    Oh Waluigi, you weird, wonderful, whacky piece of art.  The Waluigi love has been particularly strong recently, with that wonderful floppy hair of his taking centre stage in Mario Tennis Aces, and countless fan-made boxart covers appearing online, all fantasising about potential games starring the man himself. It perhaps comes at...


  • Video The Complete History Of Mario Kart

    From SNES to Switch in 25 years

    In light of the recent launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, we at Nintendo Life have been reminiscing about the celebrated history of the Mario Kart series. From the SNES to the new Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart has provided players around the globe with countless hours of shell-tossing entertainment.  In this...

  • News Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Stays on the Podium in UK Charts

    It's a bronze cup this time

    After its launch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gave Nintendo its first UK number one game in over five years, a somewhat staggering statistic. Pleasingly it then held off a major fresh release - Prey - to stay in top spot for a second week, showing that there's plenty of appetite for the bulked up re-release. It hasn't been...




  • News SEGA 3D Classics Collection is Nowhere to be Seen in the UK Charts

    Mario Kart 7 runs a lonely race in top 40

    The weekly UK chart results have made for disappointing reading for Nintendo in the past few weeks; not much has changed this time around, though there are a couple of interesting points to consider. First of all, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has surprised no-one in arriving at number one, though its...


  • News StreetPass UK Challenge Moves Onto Mario Kart 7 for Round 2

    Mushvroom around Toad Circuit

    Last week we shared details on a month-long StreetPass UK contest, in which gamers in the country are encouraged to tackle challenges and share their exploits in order to try and win 3DS games or eShop credit. It's a nice way for players to compete and interact with each other on Twitter. The second challenge has now...







  • Feature Ten Must-Play Games for the Nintendo 3DS

    As voted for by you to celebrate four years of the portable

    With the 3DS now four years old, and now that the New Nintendo 3DS has brought us another iteration with a whole load of features, we decided it was a good time to take stock of ten definitive experiences on the system. To that end we listed 50 retail games - the eShop will have its own...


  • News GAME is Selling a 2DS + Mario Kart 7 for £79.99

    Perfect for little 'uns, or young-at-heart big 'uns

    Though the New Nintendo 3DS is now just a few weeks away, it won't be the perfect option for everyone. The 2DS - with its tablet design and 2D-only screen - is targeted at young children, or those that fancy a change from Nintendo's clamshell systems. For those in the UK that have been...


  • Poll Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?

    Will you go retro, HD or portable?

    It's a time of year in which plenty of time is spent with friends, family and fellow web gamers debating all manner of topics. Is Kirby Nintendo's cutest mascot? Has Mario's moustache become bushier in the HD era? Will F-Zero ever return? It's a time of opinions, and having checked out the Game of the Year results...






  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life

    Time for pure racing...

    Earlier this year we had our first Mario Kart 7 community event of 2014, and unsurprisingly it was a lot of fun. Since that time the release date for Mario Kart 8 has been confirmed, and we've realised that we need a lot more practice before the new Wii U title rolls around. Besides, the 3DS game is still a blast to play over...

  • Play Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - Training for MK8

    Now we're getting serious

    Earlier this year we revived the Nintendo Life Mario Kart community event, enjoying some shell-throwing hijinks for a number of hours. It was fun, of course, and we can only apologise that it's taken us a little while to plan the next instalment. But still, let's do this. Mario Kart 8 arrives on 30th May and we intend to...