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  • Event Nintendo UK 3DS Showcase

    We sample the best 2013 has to offer

    Last week we were invited to a Nintendo 3DS showcase to get first-hand impressions of some of the upcoming releases in the next few months for Nintendo’s handheld, as well as a demo of the recently announced 3DS Zelda game. We've already previewed a number of these titles in detail from a similar event in San...

  • News Nintendo of Europe Offers Free Game in "So Many Games!" Promotion

    Register three and get a fourth free

    In recent months we've seen Nintendo — both in Europe and North America — offer the incentive of a free game for those registering a 3DS XL. Nintendo of Europe is now stepping up with an enticing new offer featuring a list of eight retail games (both current and to be released); it's very simple, if you...

  • First Impressions Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Jon and Damien go hands-on

    You guys are so lucky. What you're getting here is two previews for the price of one; our dashing US Editor-at-Large Jon Wahlgren was lucky enough to attend a 3DS showcase in North America this week, and got to spend a short amount of time with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. His thoughts are below, while UK-based editor Damien...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle Confirmed in The West

    It will be available on launch

    Yesterday we reported that UK online retailer ShopTo had listed the limited edition Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL sparking rumours the special system would be making its way to the West. Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long to find out as it was confirmed during today's Nintendo Direct presentation that the...

  • News Limited Edition Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle Appears In The UK

    It's yours for just £189.85

    Ahead of the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for this Wednesday 17th April, online UK retailer has listed the Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL bundle on its website. The bundle is available for pre-order at £189.85 (approx. €220 / $290), and has been given

  • News Nintendo To Deliver New Homes To Animal Crossing: New Leaf Via SpotPass

    The Happy Homes Showcase just got happier

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf is just a couple of months away from being released in the West and the anticipation is starting to reach fever pitch. Back in February, Nintendo teased an exclusive feature that would be included in Western versions of the game. Nobody knew what it was but it appears to have been...

  • News Iwata Asks Delves Into Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Nintendo's President talks Mr Resetti, being mayor and panning for gold

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf is edging closer and closer towards its Western release date and we think it's fair to say there are a lot of 3DS owners out there chomping at the bit to get hold of it. As if the hype needed building up any more Nintendo has kindly translated the...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Pricing Emerges On North American eShop

    Price is better than expected

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf is one of the most anticipated 3DS titles of 2013 and we're just about two months away from seeing it arrive. With the game doing sensationally well in Japan, there's no doubt that North American and European 3DS users are looking forward to its release this June. With the game being so close...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Passes Three Million Sales in Japan

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon still number one in the charts

    Update: As correctly pointed out on Twitter by NintenDaan, it's worth remembering that Media Create charts only account for physical retail sales. The full sales for Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be further beyond three million due to its success on the 3DS eShop. Original Article: Last...

  • Video This Animal Crossing: New Leaf Trailer Shows You Around

    Everyone's a bloomin' tourist

    So, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been on a lot of wishlists for a little too long now, with its June release in North America and Europe getting tantalizingly close. Social lives will be lost, and the summer sun will be ignored but, who cares? It's Animal Crossing, and we want it yesterday. We do all have to wait a...


  • News Square Enix Trademarks Fantasy Village in Japan

    Are we looking at another life-sim?

    It's fair to say that life simulation games are fairly popular in Japan. The 3DS currently has two big hitters tearing up the sales charts with Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Fantasy Life - both of which sold out at a staggering rate. This success has no doubt piqued the interest of several publishers and...




  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Hits 2 Million Sales In Japan

    Not even Mario or Monster Hunter could win the race

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been doing extremely well in Japan since its release at the beginning of November this year. A couple of days after hitting stores the game had sold out across Japan, leaving many fans disappointed who never managed to grab a physical copy. Not long before the month...

  • News Pikmin 3 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Drop Into Q2 2013

    Localisation and development to blame

    During today's Nintendo Direct broadcasts in North America and Europe, Nintendo showed fairly brief glimpses of Pikmin 3 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, with the Wii U title getting a little longer to flex its HD muscles. There was disappointing news, however, as Nintendo of Europe boss Satoru Shibata confirmed...


  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Surpasses One Million Sales

    E.X. Troopers has an underwhelming start

    When Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released in Japan, demand was so high that physical copies of the game sold out, while eShop download sales returned some rather impressive results. Subsequent weeks have remained solid, with the latest Media Create results showing that the title has passed the one million...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Already Sold Out In Japan

    Iwata reassures fans on Twitter

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf is one of the most anticipated games in the West right now, with fans of the series foaming at the mouth at the prospect of becoming the mayor of their own little town in 2013. Japanese gamers have had the game for a few days now, and it appears they loved it so much it has already sold out...

  • Out Now Animal Crossing: New Leaf Starts Life in Japan

    Time to get envious

    So, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is out now in Japan, released on 8th November. Once we got over the irritation of discovering that we were a day late, we thought we'd look at what we know so far, point you to previous articles that have stacks of information, compile some nice gameplay footage and look at the reaction to the game...


  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Not Have "Unwholesome" Paid DLC

    No 99 cent purchases from Tom Nook, then

    Nintendo's spent a fair bit of time and effort this year taking steps forward in its download business on 3DS, with one notable area being in-game paid DLC. It's not as if extra add-on content is entirely new for the big N in 2012, but its profile undoubtedly increased with Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and...

  • News Animal Crossing: New Leaf Turns Over Some New Footage

    Prepare to spend a lot of time on 3DS

    As part of today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, it was confirmed that the new Animal Crossing title due to arrive on 3DS next year will be called Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It seems like an apt title as the new entry will, of course, introduce new features and mayoral duties. There was a decent amount of new...

  • News New Animal Crossing 3DS Details Reveal Streetpass Mode

    More reasons to become a recluse

    Fresh information about Animal Crossing: Jump Out has been updated on the Animal Crossing 3DS official website. A new Streetpass mode is included, where other players can view your badges that you obtain from Palotini, who rewards you for your hard work — that includes catching fishes, gathering a variety of stuff...