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I have found a very certain problem with my Nintendo Wii 4.3U. I am not sure if this applies to everyone.
I installed the latest Netflix from the Wii Shop Channel.
Occasionally I noticed that when I'm watching something, after a little bit it'll start buffering for like 15+ seconds and only play for like 10. Worked fine on my computer, so I thought about, what have I done different with the Wii?
Well I started playing gamecube games recently and had my GC memory card and controller plugged in. I kept the controller plugged in and took the memory card out and everything has been fine since.
Just now my videos kept buffering again and I thought maybe I was having wifi issues and I noticed I had my GC memory card in. I took it out and instantly the video started playing and hasn't buffered since.

So to fix Netflix buffering problems, take out all Gamecube memory cards. Controllers don't cause a problem, but the memory cards do.

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Buffering issues are nornally an internet issue. There mighy be compatibility issues between your router and your Wii

People keep saying the Xbox One doesn't have Backwards Compatibility.
I don't think they know what Backwards Compatibility means...

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@DefHalan I agree with you <a href="" title="2048game"><strong>2048game</strong></a>

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