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Let's talk about this upcoming Wii U eshop title here.
I have to say this game is looking like it'll be a great addition to the eshop!

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When (if?) I get a Wii U this will be a must buy for me. I never did beat the first game though, I should get on that...



how was the gameplay of the first one.. did the puzzle mechanics interfere with the gameplay at all?

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I heard this has complete different gameplay and isn't like the first game at all.
I never played the first one (but similar games in the genre).
I think I will like this one much better.
Will spend some time with the level editor.

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i bought the original when it came out for the GB Color. One of the best 3rd party games ever for the GBC platform. I remember it was pretty hard

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Anything would be a great addition to the eShop at this point...



This looks great. I like that they made it more open world.

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cant wait for this game!

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I am interested in Toki Tori 2! I have not played a Toki Tori game before. What is it like?


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It's a puzzle game where you have a set of items you can use only a restricted amount of times. You have to collect al the eggs in the level to advance. They changed the formula though, Instead of Items there are creatures with certain ability's you can use. They have a blog about their developments; . They're on Miiverse as well but they mostly speak Dutch. I bought it on steam quite a long time ago and I still haven't finished it. It's hard! Can't wait for this one!!

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Love the first one. I'm definitely buying this.. On Steam.

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if this game is over £10 ( knowing the e-shop it will ... ) ill wait until its 60pence on steam lol

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