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Is anyone looking forward to this excellent looking title? Will you downloading it next week? Please use this thread for all discussions related to the game as I didn't feel like necromancing the old thread.

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I'm interested in it, it sort of reminds me of the Forest God from Princess Mononoke or Xerneas from Pokemon. I will wait for some reviews first before taking the plunge.



I have it, I can give some impressions.

The game is definately pretty, and it is pretty interesting. I have not played it for particularly long, but I have played it long enough to see it has some meat.... ANd that it has some flaws.

The biggest flaw is the games visual design. The games main concern was with being gorgeous, which it pretty much nails, the game is beautiful to look at through and through, really sublime. However they paid no attention whatsoever to the games functional visuals, the deer is often the same exact color as the background, particularly at night, and the same goes for the enemies. Often times you will only have a vague idea of where you are, no diea where enemies are, until you start seeing the damage spikes and your health starts going down. Doesnt really seem to matter, as the enemies arent particularly damaging, nor do they require any kind of particular strategy. Just run left and right and jam on the attack button until you see the blue sparks indicating the enemy is dead. Your health will regenerate, its food thats the most pressing thing to keep on top of. The big problem with the games visual design however are the spikes. Spikes are instant death and half the time you are playing, they are completely indistinguishable from the background because of the color selection at night.

The game seems to have a lot of power ups, and the longer you keep the deer alive the more he grows, and the bigger his antlers get, the size of the antlers allows you to have more powers, as powers are assigned to a point on the antler. Pretty clever system.

Level design is pretty boring so far, double jump is given to the player immediately, so none of the game was designed without it, and the game seems like a wierd mix of infinite runner mixed with metroidvania, npc's tell you to come back, but there is no real map, you just keep running right, over the same simple designs, for really long times, its not an actual map like a metroid game with areas and places to go, its just a whole lot of right and a whole lot of left to go back to.

Its fairly glitchy too, its not uncommon to find yourself passing through the background and into the infinite voide of the sky background... From which you will need to reset the save load, via the in game option.



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