Topic: So where's that "Enhanced Digital Store"?

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Not too long ago Nintendolife announced that we were going to have an "Enhanced Digital Store With Over 2,000 Games Launching Alongside My Nintendo This Week". That was the headline, at least. So far, the eShop doesn't look any different to me. I was looking forward to those 2000 games (not really). Anyone noticed anything different?



Er, if you read the next line, you would have figured it out. "Can be accessed via personal computers and smart devices"

It's the web version of the eShop. They never said they were going to add 2,000 games to the eShop

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Thanks. It's been a while since I browsed the web store, but it doesn't look very "enhanced". I'm underwhelmed.

I tried clicking on "all Wii U games", of which it claims to have 735. I don't know where the promised 2000 number is supposed to apply, but I guess if you add up the Wii U and 3DS games that would come close. According to the Virtual Console tags there are only 3 NES games, 2 N64 games, 6 GBA games and one "Other". The games are still there, I guess, if you use the search field. They just won't show up under Virtual Console. I think Nintendo needs to work on their tagging.



I'm very disappointed too. There's virtually NOTHING new. There's simply no excuse for not migrating the Wii Shop over to the Wii U eShop, at least when it comes to Nintendo's own products and games. The Wii U eShop is vastly inferior to the Wii eShop in almost every respect, and its appalling that Nintendo has done very little to fix this issue.

One of Nintendo's biggest strengths is its back catalog of old games. It should be making more use of that, even if it means devoting/organizing a small studio solely dedicated to that purpose.



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