Topic: So , How to buy from the U.S Shop with International Card? :S

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Hey Guys ,
yea yea - another one of theses threads ,
Parents been to the U.S - and bought me a WII U Deluxe (Zombie U edition) ,
I Wanted to get the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate from the EShop - but for some reason i cant purchase with my International card (although it works everywhere else ofc...) .
So what are my Down to earth alternatives (yea - its kinda stupid to shell out 75 dollars on gift cards that will eventually give me back 59$ worth of games)




i'm afraid you don't really have any options other than to either use a North America-based credit card or to purchase NA eShop Funds cards.

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Anyway to buy a prepaid gift card with 59 $ ?
And when I buy I.e mh3 with a gift card , would ot be needed to add taxes as well ? ( when I add it to cart I see they add state taxes as well ... )

Any recommendations for a trusted eshop ( to buy wii u prepaid cards )




Well you could always try the importing route but that will probably cost more.

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I Just dont want to wait too long Importing would be about the same - as the game itself is 59$ and shipping will be around 5-7 Bucks if its on the cheap side (closing to 70$)...

If i was able to get it straight from Capcom store (i can via forwarding company though) - it will be around 71$ (and you get a free joystick for the wii u) - and then around 15-20 to get it to Israel (so total of 90 bucks - lol!)



I remember back when I tried gifting a game to a friend in Canada, we had problems. Although we were both in the same region (NA) I would have to set my system's country to match theirs, agree to the terms of use, reboot, agree to the Canadian Wii Shop's terms, gift the game, and then repeat the above steps to change my region back.

I haven't really had these problems with my Wii U or 3DS, but perhaps there's a similar work-around.

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