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Has anyone downloaded this game yet? If so is it as spooktacular as I've heard it was? Also how are the visuals in this game?

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Visuals are crap but it is suitably scary



I never understood the point of Slender Man. I guess it's just a good story

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I got it last week during the Ps3 Halloween Sale, and I can it's both scary from the amazing atmosphere it creates, and the random (albeit fair) jumpscares that occur.

Just know that Slender isn't the only enemy in the game


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Is it better to have played the first game before this one?

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@arronishere: No, but if you have a PS4 or PC I suggest getting SOMA instead for your horror fix



Soma isn't really the same kind of horror though (it isn't much of a scary experience most of the time), if you want constant jumpscares that game will seem boring.

It is an awesome game though.

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Looks like Nintendo desperate for Indie titles.

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I quite enjoyed it. Very scary, but kind of gave me a headache/motion sickness, so was somewhat relieved when it was over. Plus those ghost people in the third level (Into the Abyss) drove me mad.



A proper psychohorror firstperson adventure!

I really didn't expect much because of the low price (plus launch sale) and some bad reputation as the Slenderman game originally started as a short single level freeware game. I wasn't even aware that this is coming to Wii U until it appeared on the eShop just a week before release. I expected a rushed and glitchy version. Gameplay-wise I was in for some cheap jumpscares I could laugh at with my friends, but I was wrong. It's a terrifying shocker and I'm glad it's a polished, full game with 9 chapters and an interesting story. It has off-tv-play, secrets, collectibles, and a chapter select screen. The Wii U port seems flawless (couldn't find any bugs or freezing). The unique mechanics of the creature that is Slenderman brings innovation, curiosity and tension to the horror genre. The sound is great as well. If you need something haunting this is for you. 8/10

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@Morpheel: i guess you are right, awesome game though. hmmm maybe a more proper recommendation would be Outlast



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