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Does anybody know when King of Cards update will be released? I am asking for the 3DS version but it will be released on all platforms. The developer said it would be delayed a few months and will be released along the amiibo and the physical version of Treasure Trove but a few months have already passed since April.



@NintendoByNature Same here. I read that they want all the campaigns (including King of Cards) to be polished so the physical version won't need a day one patch and that they will release all the versions simultaneously. It is coherent but still some news would be appreciated.

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@BlueOcean yea that's what I heard too. While I don't know what goes into creating games I'm still kind of shocked it's been delayed this long. I think KoC was origjnally suppsed to launch in Q1 of 2018, right? Granted, they're adding showdown which looks cool but im just impatient for some more shovel knight ūüėč



@BlueOcean I got the switch version a little after the switch launched. It's honestly one of my favorite games or series if you will. I went back not too long ago and replayed the shovel knight campaign since I was getting that itch..



This takes far too long , bought the deluxe edition a while back when it whas on sale

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Ugh what's the hold up. Just want play some KoC



I've probably played the first three campaigns fifteen times, especially Shovel of Hope. Can't wait for King of Cards, I've been going nuts with anticipation! I've been praising the Troupple King every chance I get (the king of fruit and fish, long may his stem grow), but to no avail.

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They’re basically creating an entire fourth game for free, since basically most people who wanted the game already have it and I doubt they still have the funding from the kickstarted to pay the development of this campaign.

They can take their time, since it’s clearly a passion project at this point.

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