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My Nintendo News posted a topic saying that a new Rayman Legends demo will be released at the end of this month!

Who's going to download it?

Me personally I wont be downloading it. It will just feel like a kick in the balls to me as we should of had the full game already.

I'm still really mad at the Ubisoft for what they did to us. I will never forgive them.

Ubisoft announces Rayman Legends Wii U demo includes console exclusive level which contains the promised online portion as well as a challenge mode made up of four levels, will also include a Wii U exclusive level called Murfy’s Dungeon

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Since its free, why not?



Probably this was one of the reason I got my Wii U in the first place. I probably wont get Rayman when its released cause I will be getting GTA V but yeah the demo will be free so why not.

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I will be getting the demo and game when it comes out. I understand why people are upset but I want to support the Wii U and support 3rd party in any form on the Wii U.

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I'll download it.

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Actually quite looking forward to it, the challenge mode will hold me over until release (if they keep it updated as promised) so it's all good! Also its free!!

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I'm really looking forward to downloading this. And I can't wait to buy the game in September. Ubisoft kicked us in the teeth with a delay but they aren't the first company to do so.

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With daily/weekly challenges and leaderboards the limit of uses must be gone, or at least reset daily, otherwise Im not getting it.

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its not a "demo" anymore is it, they refer to it as rayman legends challenge mode so my guess is it'll have no use lock.

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