Topic: Kemco's Latest Wii U JRPG ~ Asdivine Hearts Is Hitting The European Wii U eShop On Thursday!

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While Asdivine Hearts is no Chrono Trigger, Terranigma, Secret of Mana, EarthBound, Super Mario RPG, Zelda, Final Fantasy or other 10/10 RPG you may know from back in the day, in my opinion Asdivine Hearts is a pretty good RPG. 8.5/10

Personally, I liked the characters. Playing as one straight to the point hero guy that spouts out words of wisdom with perfect timing and isn't afraid to punch monsters in the face that get in his way. He also lets only girls join his party, something you didn't find often in an RPG these days. It's simple but it's fun and the fastpaced gameplay, the bug-free and smooth conversion from mobile to Wii U, and great content for the price add a lot. Get over the graphics and you have a good 40+ hour JRPG from the 90ies.

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Neko_Ichigofan wrote:

@Indy83: You are a troll right?! Most true gamers that are not CoD brodudes see the 16-32 bit era as the golden age of RPG's.

No one from my generation would ever call themselves a gamer. That was what feeble blind marketing morons tried to label us as in their pathetically off the mark campaigns. We laughed at the term Gamer.

16 bit yes, for the few outliers are still Gods among peasants, but most of the rpg's of the time were mediocre, not unlike the game this thread is about... Not that that is particularly unusual. The difference back then was the mediocre didnt have massive marketing budgets and legions of thoughtless "Fans" licking the dribble behind them.

I particularly like the fallacy of appealing to popularity whilst simutaneously criticising something else that is popular. So if the fifth generation RPG's were great because they were so popular with "True Gamers" (They were marketed more heavily), then why are people who like CoD because its popular being negatively referred to as "Dudebros"? Sounds like the same thing to me.

The Dudebros of "RPG"s, sucked up the marketing diarrhea destroying the genre they claimed to love, like it was a chocolotae milkshake, and not a sphincter smoothie, and were oblivious to the degragation and de-evolution of ground breaking concepts debuted in games like chrono trigger, or the marketing shutout of Xenogears because actual game design was too inconvenient for a corporate product treadmill (But thats Okay, you dont have to have great design, if you have marketing that tells people garbage is gold!!!). The rise of the skinner box design mold, and complacent mindless mopes walking the treadmill waiting for the next carrot/cutscene to tell them what they did and what to think.

Let me know when you can find one of those "True Gamers" who can figure out how to even start a game of Starflight. Hell, it can even be the Genesis version (Great port for a console).

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It looks like the sequel Asdivine Dios is hitting the Japanese Wii U eShop next next month! Oh boy, this really is turning into the year of RPG's!

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