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Waku waku 7 is in absolute great example of a Neo Geo game done right for switch fatal Fury special is a horrible example. I'm not much for memorizing patterns and shit but this game is absolutely goddamn brutal. I mean even with 99 continues, I died to the freaking computer like like 40 times like literally I finally just deleted the game I got so frustrated and the crazy thing is I used to love this game on Super Nintendo. But the arcade version to say it's unfair it puts Super Street Fighter 2 turbo on the street fighter collection to shame. So my question is so I don't waste my time are most of the Neo Geo ports at least somewhat fair? I realized back in the day it was all about making games that were Uber hard to make people pump in quarters. What I want to know is are all the Neo Geo ports as hard as FFS?



The one on SNES was watered down in difficulty (as were many arcade to home ports). But yes, most Neo Geo games are the ‘hard’ arcade games


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Agreed and I'm not bothered by hard games but when a game is so hard I can't even beat the first opponent that is too much. What NG titles are the best in yalls opinion?

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From a fighting game perspective, the Last Blade and Samurai Shodown series are the most "fair" of the SNK fighters, IMO. Outside of fighters, I have personal love for Blazing Star, Money Idol Exchanger, Neo Turf Masters, Top Hunter and Baseball Stars 1/2.

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