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Looking to add my credit card details to my eshop account. I have some credit left in my wallet from a prepaid card. My question is - if I buy something from the store will it charge my credit card the full balance or will it take off my existing wallet balance and then the rest of the amount from my card?



I'm not sure you can make purchases with a prepaid card that has fewer funds than the purchase.

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I'm not sure I've made myself completely clear. If I have £10 already in my wallet and I add a credit card to my payment options and then buy something for £40 will it take the £10 from my wallet and then the remaining £30 off my card or will it just take the whole £40 off the card? I guess can you use two payment methods for a transaction is what I'm asking.



It will give you the option of doing that (add the needed funds), but only if you so decide.

What it really does is add the needed funds, then use them. You can't pay directly from the credit card without using the funds on your eShop wallet.

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Ok. Thanks for the reply.



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