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In 2017 the Wii U received some pretty good games, so even with Switch killing the Wii U more than the PS4 and XBOX ever could, there is still some life in the console.

  • 2017.01.05 (DL) Spheroids (Eclipse Games) 7,99€
    A decent platformer that is inspired by "Pang!" and other classics.
  • 2017.01.19 (DL) Toby: The Secret Mine (Headup Games / Lukas Navratil) 9,99€
    A "Limbo"-style adventure / puzzle-platformer.
  • 2017.02.02 (DL) Koi DX (CIRCLE Ent. / Dotoyou Technology Limited) 3,99€
    A meditative puzzle/stealth adventure with fishes and flowers in a pond.
  • 2017.02.09 (DL) Plantera (Ratalaika Games / Varagtp) 4,99€
    A relaxing, addicting, little farming sim. Soon available on Switch.
  • 2017.02.09 (VC/N64) Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (Square Enix) 9,99€
    One of the deepest and most epic strategy RPGs you could ever find.
  • 2017.02.23 (DL) Forma.8 (MixedBag) 9,99€
    A flying-metroidvania with lots of physics-based action, puzzles and exploration. Also available on Switch.
  • 2017.02.23 (DL) Vaccine (Rainy Night Creations) 9,99€
    A randomly generated horror house in the style of Resident Evil 1 & 2. Also available on Switch.
  • 2017.02.03 (VC/N64) Harvest Moon 64 (Natsume / Victor Interactive / Marvelous) 9,99€
    One of the best entries in the whole farming adventure series.
  • 2017.02.28 (DL) Ghost Blade HD (2Dream / Hucast Games) 8,99€
    A pretty nice Star Soldier-esque vertical bullet hell shmup.
  • 2017.03.03 (Disc/DL) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo) 69,99€
    The best game of all time! 11/10
  • 2017.03.09 (VC/N64) Bomberman 64 (KONAMI / HUDSON SOFT) 9,99€
    One of the best Bomberman games out there, in singleplayer as well as multiplayer.
  • 2017.03.16 (DL) Sky Force Anniversary (Infinite Dreams) 9,99€
    Another good classic vertical shooter inspired by Capcom's 1942 and 1943.
  • 2017.04.27 (DL) Use Your Words (Smiling Buddha Games, LLC) 14,99€
    A fun party game! Also available on Switch for 13,09€.
  • 2017.05.11 (DL) Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Yacht Club Games) 24,99€
    This update gave Wii U owners of Shovel Knight the "Specter of Torment" and "King of Cards" (coming soon) DLC for free.
  • 2017.05.11 (DL) WinKings (Lemondo Games) 9,99€
    A fun multiplayer arena run&gun platformer inspired by classics like Joust and Balloon Fight.
  • 2017.05.18 (VC/TG) Super Star Soldier (KONAMI / HUDSON SOFT) 5,99€
    A great sequel to a classic vertical shmup that inspired tons of games back then and even now.
  • 2017.05.25 (Disc/DL) Darksiders - Warmastered Edition (THQ Nordic) 19,99€
    The long-awaited remake of the first game with all DLC included.
  • 2017.06.01 (DL) Preston Sterling (MiracleBoxGames / Animation Arts) 2,99€
    A classic point&click mystery/detective adventure for the price of an apple and an egg.
  • 2017.06.22 (DL) The Girl and the Robot (Flying Carpets Games) 9,99€
    One of the indies that worked very hard for years to get their ambitious 3D adventure done for Wii U.
  • 2017.07.06 (DL) Revenant Saga (KEMCO / EXE-CREATE) 9,99€
    Classic SNES-style 40-hour(!) RPG with a great story and finely tuned gameplay.
  • 2017.08.31 (DLC) Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Pirate Queen's Quest (WayForward) 8,59€
    The new Story DLC for one of the best games in this charming action-platformer/adventure series.
  • 2017.09.07 (DL) EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic (Snowcastle Games) 9,99€
    Another ambitious title, a round based RPG, kickstarted and arriving as promised!
  • 2017.09.28 (Disc/DL) Cars 3: Driven To Win (WB Games) 49,99€
    The new Disney Pixar racer.
  • 2017.10.05 (DL) Völgarr The Viking (Crazy Viking) 9,99€
    A retro-style "Northern" hardcore challenge.
  • 2017.10.26 (Disc/DL) Just Dance 2018 (Ubisoft) 49,99€
    The newest entry in the succesful dancing franchise.

All Virtual Console games released on Wii U in 2017:

TG16 - Air Zonk
TG16 - Alien Crush
TG16 - Blazing Lazers
TG16 - Bomberman '94
TG16 - Bonk's Adventure
TG16 - Bonk's Revenge
TG16 - Bonk III: Bonk's Big Adventure
TG16 - Chew-Man-Fu
TG16 - China Warrior
TG16 - Detana Twin Bee
TG16 - Devil's Crush
TG16 - Digital Champ
TG16 - Double Dungeons
TG16 - Dungeon Explorer
TG16 - Final Soldier
TG16 - Gradius
TG16 - Legend of Hero Tonma
TG16 - Motoroader
TG16 - Neutopia
TG16 - Neutopia II
TG16 - Ninja Spirit
TG16 - Shockman
TG16 - Soldier Blade
TG16 - Super Star Soldier
TG16 - Victory Run
TG16 - Vigilante
TG16 - World Sports Competition

GBA - Rayman Advance
GBA - Rayman 3

N64 - Bomberman 64
N64 - Harvest Moon 64
N64 - Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber

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Irony is that Wii U probably will end up with at least as many good games as Wii did in 2012.

Also, YIIK is supposed to come out soon but no idea when. I feel like that game's been delayed like 10 times in 3 years.

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I heard that Ackk Studios moved both YIIK: A Postmodern RPG and Chromophore: Two Brothers - Director's Cut to Switch.

I think World to the West by Rain Games was confirmed to be still in development for Wii U. I'm not sure though if it launches alongside the Switch version.


SKTTR wrote:

I heard that Ackk Studios moved both YIIK: A Postmodern RPG and Chromophore: Two Brothers - Director's Cut to Switch.

No, I think they just added Switch. I follow them on Twitter so if they cancelled the Wii U version, I probably would've known.

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@SKTTR it will continue for a while especially since Legend of Zelda botw did so well so the audience for games are still there.

Star soldier uhmm memories.

Bring in the love


@Chandlero Yes, all the games listed above exist in the European Wii U eShop.


You didn't mention the HD remastered edition of the Tortuga Island adventure game one of the best adventures on the PC in the last decade.

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