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Hey guys. Since MH3U just got released (yay), i thought that i could buy it from the eshop (Mexico), but surprise! It's quite expensive.
So i thought i could buy it from the american eshop, saving myself aprox. 250 pesos. Now, my question is, can i add funds to the american eshop using a Mexican credit card? It's Visa, by the way.
Thanks in advance guys



There's another thread about this started by someone in Australia who wants games from the Irish/UK eShop and it sounds like what's required is to change the country of your console and then create a new ID which will then be linked to that eShop. Once downloaded the games should still be available regardless of what account is signed in, but if you needed to re-download (or presumably buy DLC) you'd need to remember to be signed in with the relevant account.

Now whether or not buying the credit will work all depends upon what actually gets checked. I know for the Wii purchases from the UK and Japan Wii Shop never asked for anything but the basic credit card information, but USA/Canada needed you to have a valid address, postal code and phone number (not actually those linked to the card though). As a result when I briefly owned a North American Wii I set the country to Brazil because only a postcode was needed and Brazil uses the same format as the UK so that I could use my own postcode.

If the Wii U is like the Apple App Store then your credit card address would actually need to be in the country in question in which case you'd need to somehow get an American eShop card. But give it a try and let us know how you get on!

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