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Let's me start off your saying this game is great! It is easily worth 29.99 , and I will be picking up the WiiU version just to show support.

Game play - The majority of your time will be spent in the turn base battle system and at plumpet isle crafting.
The battle system is really fun and easy get lost in just grinding lvls. You can have a maximum of 4 people in your active battle. In which you have pairs, how this works is you two pairs of two. And each pair has a bond level that goes up to 5 stars, each star grants you new passive abilities and possibly talent points for each character in the pair. So mix get and matching characters just to get the bonds up is a very good idea as not only are the perks at 5 star great, but extra talent points are great as well.

Whilst in the battles your characters have two stances they can change into with varying abilities in each stance. For instance the main character amon starts out in stance where he can steal, dagger stab, other melee options, second stance is a gun able to shoot flying beasts with different elemental damage.

Also characters have supers which can be preformed once their bond lvl in combat max out. Important to note if you change your pairs they will have their super bar reset.

On to to crafting (Plumpet) isle! This isle also will see you alot! Here there is an npc who will task you with finding creatures through the world. These creatures once found can make valuable core to create perks and abilities for talent trees of your characters.

There is also a garden I which you can grow plants, these plants will mutate to higher versions of themselves, then you plant another seed. The materials can be used to make items, lances for Ivy's crossbow, ammo for amon's gun and so on.

Also the Isle has its own resting facility where you can restore you hp. The save point on the Isle acts as a warp to all other save points as well.

I'm am kinda tired due to it being so early in morning without sleep, but I will come back to update and answer any questions when I awake in a few hours.



If your a fan of jrpgs do you self a favor and check this game out October 1st when the WiiU version is out.

The game is very pleasing to the eye and just all around during joyful to play. It can be challenging at times with some optional boss fights that are hard. Very much worth the time though!

How an encounter starts with roaming creatures, you can either run directly into the or try to break a few off from the crowd to fight a lower number.

When a creature is alerted to your presence it will rush you, a circle in bottom left corner will start to fill up and if you don't get away before it fits up the fight will start with you being ambushed. However, you can start the fight at any time by pressing A (TBD on wii u) which gives you first strike allowing all of your party to hit first.



I Kickstarter the game, and was gonna get a Wii U code until I heard it was gonna be a trilogy. So I opted for Xbox One (PS4 has 2TB limit of space, Wii U won't be around then but X1 has unlimited space via external HDD and will be around for some time).

Haven't played it yet though. Kickstarter email said the Wii U and other versions should hopefully be out before Christmas, IIRC.

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@Rukiafan7 That is a good question. @Thaswizz Where did you hear that? I checked all the official sources I could find (forum, twitter, facebook, Kickstarter, blog...I even checked their Reddit page, which was hell & a half. Never doing that again), all of which basically said this:


^Wii U release is apparently near the bottom of their priority list, and FYI, they still haven't released that patch on Xbox One. I'd be very surprised if Earthlock actually came out in October at all, tbh.

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There was an article on Ign stating that Xbox one only had one month as an exclusive title then ps4 and wii u would release. Now that's not an exact release date, but if it only had 30 days that would make Oct 1st release date for PS4 and WiiU.

Anyways ask me about the game! I am 64 percent done and can answer any questions



@Thaswizz The Wii U version is going to be a holiday release according to the developer. They sent me a DM on Twitter when I asked them about the release window for the game.

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@Thaswizz Not to mention they're having enough problems that they already had to delay the Steam version at least 2 weeks. October 1st is the earliest they could release it if it was actually ready. As @Rukiafan7 pointed out, it isn't ready. Still got to be a little more patient.

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Well I hope they sort them all out because it has been an absolute blast to play. I purchased Bayonetta 2 same day as I downloaded this and Earthlock has gotten most time played!



I'm almost done with the game and when I finish it I am going to make a walk through with all optional bosses and collectibles



There's a game freezing glitch fairly early in the game, but I was able to get through it following the advice here:
I tweeted Snowcastle games to ask if they knew about it. Anyway, aside from that (and I think the game did freeze on me another time, and I lost a bit of progress) I absolutely love the game so far. It's fantastic.



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