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When this game was announced not long ago at all I was so excited! It's coming to Wii U eShop this summer! Will you be buying this remastered classic? I sure will! DUCK-TALES! Woo-hoo! Capcom you have made me proud. Comment below about this upcoming remade and remastered classic for Wii U!

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Too late! If I were to find some exciting announcement, I'd check the forums to see if discussions had already started :3

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Of course I'll be getting it. Duck Tales is one of my all time favorite games. The announcement took me totally be surprise!

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Yes I will definitely be getting this one! I used to love playing Ducktails on the NES as a kid!

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Am I the only one with the theme song stuck in my head?

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Tasuki wrote:

This is a current ongoing thread here if you wish to discuss the Ducktales remake.

As the game is going to be an eShop title shouldn't the discussion remain here? Also that discussion is more talking about the reveal while this could be more of a general discussion about the game... just thinking out loud i guess.

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