Topic: Does anyone know if Kerbal Space Program is canceled?

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in the last two days o lot of sites like Eurogamer reported about a list Nintendo released, containing the names of the last first and third party games that will be released on the Wii U.

There are two games I'm really looking forward to play. One is Stardew Valley, which is on the list, the other, Kerbal Space Program, is not. Even in the comments of the articles no one mentioned that KSP is missing.

I can't find any news on the cancelation of the Wii U port. Does anyone know more about this?



I haven't seen any rumblings about this being cancelled, but I really hope it isn't. I've been looking forward to playing it for some time now.

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Ok, i'm relieved to hear that there was no cancellation message i missed. But to be honest, i will be more surprised by a release of the game than a cancellation, now that everyone is talking about the Switch and the last Nintendo Direct showed that even Nintendo has zero interest in keeping the Wii U at least somewhat alive till the new system arrives in March, beside keeping the Breath of the Wild promise.

Maybe Nintendolife could ask the devs or the porting team why the game was not mentioned as a third party release on the list.

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