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Nice, I can't wait for Shovel Knight!....I'm still crossing my fingers that we'll still get ourselves A Hat in Time as well

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Starbeast, a new EXCLUSIVE indie game from Dead Pixel Entertainment. Starbeast is a 2D shooter with “bullet hell” gameplay. Metroid and Gradius are said to be among the project’s influences.
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The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup

can't believe I forgot this one actually. I'm really looking forward to it (from the creator of Conker's Bad Fur Day!)
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Several indie devs discuss just when are their games gonna finally release on the Wii U?

Armillo (FuzzyWuzzy Games)

“Still working mostly on polish, non-interactive sequences, final level work, and a few remaining features. Also getting a press demo prepared. We’re targeting a release on the eShop on March 24, 2014 crosses fingers

Assault Android Cactus (Witch Beam)

“Our initial goal was to have the PC version finished in 2013 and the Wii U edition out shortly after that, but here we are in January and still working hard to finish the PC version. I’d say mid year is a safer bet now - we want to take the time to do things right with the Gamepad and Miiverse features.”

Blok Drop U (RCMADIAX)

“BLOK DROP U was submitted to NOA in January and is undergoing final testing.”

Cubemen 2 (3Sprockets)

“We are finally done, submitting next week! (Week beginning 27/01/14)

ittle Dew (Ludosity)

“Good news on the Wii U version, we’re submitting this week!” (Week beginning 20/01/14)

Monkey Pirates (Henchmen Studio)

“We’re on our way, the game is finished and we extended the release to include North American territories. We’ve also completed a new Wii U exclusive game mode! It’s called sea king, and it uses the asymmetrical game play features of the Wii U Gamepad”

Pier Solar and the Great Architects HD

“We’re about to enter the beta test. The engine is practically finished, the major thing now is to finalize the HD assets.”

Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut (Toxic Games)

“We’re currently looking to launch in April time as things have gotten a bit delayed.”

Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games)

Shovel Knight running on the Wii U was one of the major focuses of the project from the beginning, especially in getting it to work on the game pad with off-screen play. We’ve had that set up for a while now and it’s always cool to boot up the WiiU and see Shovel Knight diggin up dirt and bouncin on dudes running at a full 60 FPS on that little gamepad! It’s so good that I want everyone to see it! Sadly, we’ll have to wait until March 31st for that to happen. But that’s right around the corner; I can’t wait!!!

Super Ubie Island (Team Notion)

“We are planning to release within the next 6 months. Things have set us back a little bit because we have to really test out the Wii U build and make sure everything is solid.”

Tengami (Nyamyam)

“We are in in the final stretches of having the complete game together. After that we will look at the Wii U specific features we would like to include, like for example Miiverse integration. I think we are about 3-4 months off from submitting to Nintendo for certification.”

Teslagrad (Rain AG)

“Giving an exact date makes me nervous, but ill be able to confirm a date soon”

Another Castle (Uncade)

You should be seeing Another Castle on the eShop later this year. Sorry I can’t be more specific. A lot of the timing will depend on feedback based on the alpha of the game, which I’ll be releasing next week and updating throughout the year. I’m treating the development of the game as an iterative process, and letting the design evolve naturally as I work on updates. This unfortunately makes it a bit difficult to pinpoint when I’ll feel the game is a complete project, with later work considered bonus content.

Forced (Beta Dwarf)

Since we launched Forced for PC, Mac and Linux in October, a lot of our resources have been tied down bug fixing. We have decided to make sure that every one of our existing users can enjoy Forced at it’s best, before committing resources to getting additional users on board through a Wii U version.

We still love the platform and once we are able to free up resources we will look at porting to Wii U. On the upside, this will also mean the Wii U version will feature most of the improvements and extra content, that we have added to Forced since launch.

March of War (ISOTX)

“Unfortunately it’s not going very well at ISOTX. They had to cut back and let go a lot of people. Now they focus, with a smaller team, on completing March of War for iOS and getting out of Steam Early Access”.

Project Aguraki (Enjoy Up!)

“About Aguraki, the estimated release date is Q4 2014 on WiiU”

Pure Chess (Voofoo/Ripstone)

"I can’t give you an exact release date for Pure Chess as yet sadly, but I can tell you that we will be making an announcement within the next couple of weeks."

And there you have it. This actually excite me a lot! Clearly the Wii U, it's GamePad, and it's several other unique features will be fully used by the creative minds of Nintendo and indie developers everywhere. Say what you will about the Wii U's 3rd Party Support, but if one thing is true, it's that the Wii U is a haven for the most unique indie titles out there!

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Oh KickBeat's coming? I've been wanting to play that, it seems pretty awesome. Though it might be harder to enjoy since we live in a post-Rhythm Heaven world but I'm sure it'll be pretty cool.

WiiU's in a cool place for indies in that it seems that it will matter (and Nintendo doesnt have much of a choice but to make it matter tbh) but not be filled with so many games that a ton get ignored like iOS or (to a lesser extent) Steam.

For the record, I've seen some of Forced before, it's apparently an awesome little co-op game.

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I'm looking forward to a lot of I just have to wait for them. Hopefully I can haz Scram Kitty soon though. Really looking forward to Star Beast, Rusty Pup, and Shantae, but they're looking a long way off for now.

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Stick it to the man is coming for sure? Man if that's true you just made my day!

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

Thanks, it's added. Are you the developer?

Yup, I sure am one of the developers for Andrecca. Thanks for adding us to the list!


Jesus christ, so many games. It's a shame the Wii U's impressive Eshop list doesn't garner more attention.

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Are you going put the location as well? Like for example Pokemon Bank is released in Japan but haven't in the West?

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