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Hi everyone, I copy and paste my questions from the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 post in the Nintendo Switch forum, I believe here fit better.

Considering Xenoblade Chronicles is on the Wii U for the VC, how likely do you reckon it will be also available for the Switch? I'd like to play it before XC 2 and I don't have access to my Wii anymore and couldn't play it back in the day :/

Also, what would be the legality of buying it for the Wii U VC, or a physical copy of the game, on the Dolphin emulator?




Very slim chance unless maybe the Switch Virtual Consoles includes Wii games, but considering they have to either add a Firmware update that allows Wiimote support or somehow emulate all Wii downloads to use the Joycons as a Wiimote and Nunchuk (As well as the other controllers emulate a Wii Classic Controller) that seems unlikely. Only other options is a special digital release or a HD Remaster but I doubt they'll do that before the sequel.

XC2 is still listed for a release this year, but I think there's a chance it could be delayed. The first game is easily a 80-100+ hour game the first time round. I would say if you're think of playing it before the sequel arrives, I would not leave it too long if you want to finish it before then.



The only way I see XC appearing on Switch is in a similar way that Bayonetta 1 did for Wii U, namely both 1 and 2 releasing same day as a special edition bundle but even then there's issues. Namely NoA's exclusivity deal with Gamestop regarding everything relating to the first game. The Wii version, N3DS version and Shulk amiibo were all Gamestop exclusive in NA (maybe not the N3DS version, don't remember).


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I was gifted a copy of XC3D over the holidays and finally finished it over the weekend. After hundreds of side quests I got the itch to push the story forward and ended up completing the game at 141 hours.

Wow, this game was incredible! After a rather rote RPG beginning dozen hours the game starts to give you twist after twist in the plot that really lends a unique feel to the story. Once the twists start coming, they don't really slow down all that much either, I felt. Despite all of the sidequests, of which I put tens of hours into completing, the main quest never felt terribly far removed from what I was doing.

The gameplay too was refreshing for me, as I've never been the biggest JRPG fan. There's got to be a real hook in turn based games, and a lot of variety in more real-time action based affairs to get me to perk up and pay attention. Xenoblade had that in spades. From the varied cast of characters' arts and the strategy needed in any given team to take down big baddies, battles usually felt fun rather than grindy.

I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed this, but I think my 141 hours speaks for itself.

While the straight-up anime character designs seen in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 do absolutely nothing for me, if the gameplay and story are on par with the first then I'll be interested.

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i recently downloaded xenoblade chronicles on my wii u and have this issue that when i move forward shulk moves for a bit and the turns around and starts walking backwards, i have tried to uninstall and reinstall but i don't know how to fix it. Does anyone else have this problem and do you know how to fix it? Thanks



Have you ruled out the analog stick by playing a different game to see if it functions correctly there, or by using a different controller to see if the same issue happens?

A controller issue is most likely. Hard to think up another explanation. If it is the controller, I hope for your sake it's a nunchuk that went bad and not the Wii U gamepad's own analog stick (Should be supported for the digital version, since this game had Classic Controller support).

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TowaHerschel7 wrote:

Since the old Xenoblade Chroncles thread is dead along with the Wii forum itself, I thought it'd be a good idea to start a new general discussion thread for the Wii U re-release of the game.
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Has anyone noticed that the digital version of the game doesn't run very well? Certain boss fights and cutscenes suffer from excruciating drops in the frame-rate, sometimes the frame-rate drops to around 10 frames per second which never occurred in the disc version of the game, also I noticed that Nintendo actually balanced the difficulty a bit. Characters now level up much faster as far as I can tell.

I don't have a point of reference because this is my first playthrough, but I have noticed some significant stuttering I wouldn't expect to be natural in such an esteemed game.

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My recommendation is to install the game that you are currently playing on the internal memory if possible or an external USB flash drive. Yes, Wii U recognises external HDDs and that's extremely useful but if you have a USB flash drive copy the game and save file and try it.



Can Xenoblade Chronicles be played exclusively on the gamepad?

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