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Has anyone downloaded Wii U version of Smooth Moves? I bought it as a part of the January sale, and some micro-games flat-out don't work. The flag game, grinding paper and peddling a bike seem to work only when it wants to! Save your money, don't buy it! No way to re-calibrate controls either....


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I was interested in this, in the (slight) sale..
thanks for the heads-up, I will reconsider ...



Was it like that in the original game?

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I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing happens!


Yes. At least I would say so.

Some of the games had baffling non-responsive controls (or I just couldn't figure out how the hell I was supposed to waggle the remote to initiate the desired outcome).

Still a fantastic, brilliant game that I'll praise to high heaven, but a few of the micro-games are duds.

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