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I have bought Super Mario World for the WiiU VC and I wonder if this is the PAL version or the NTSC version.
Of course, I know, I bought it in the european Eshop. However, does this mean it's running on 50 fps or on 60 fps?

I know that in 1992 in PAL version was running at 50 fps and therefore Mario was allowed to have more speed than in the NTSC version. Now I want to know which of these differents version I'm playing

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The eShop says it's the US version of the game.

Yes, I like bears.


Playing through this at the moment. Fantastic game, found a second Power Moon.


Have to use alternative means to post screenshots now that Miiverse is gone.

I'm on World 6, well I've gone back to complete World 5 properly. I think I did everything back to front. I was up on Star Road and was completing the Special Levels within a few hours. Then went back down to Earth to play the main game. I don't think I was supposed to get up their so quickly. You're meant to flick all the switches, yellow, red, green and purple to get up to a key but I didn't do that. I used Yoshi and a green shell to fly up there instead. First time playing the game, I know, it's mad. I've played nearly everything else but this. I can see why people love it so much. Excellent level design and tonnes of secrets.

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