Topic: Sacred Stones, Partners in Time, and Starfox Command all coming to the North American VC

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Controlling both of them at the same time was problably BIS, but you definitely had situations where you split up the two parties, and the babies were usually on the top screen. It shows a picture right on the back of the box. I believe there's also at least one combo item that requires both screens as well (EDIT: Cannonballer, apparently, though it might just be easier to tell who is landing by looking at the top screen rather than requiring it).

Also, this is one of the early bosses, for reference:

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@GoneFishin Nope, you're definitely going to need the top screen very often in battle. I would venture to say at least half the enemies have one attack where they fly up/stretch up/jump up/are thrown up or what have you to the top screen, and it's there where they display their tells as to which brother they're going to hit. If you try and just ise one screen, you're going to get his by a lot of attacks since you won't have any qay of knowing how to dodge them.

EDIT: Just as important if not MORE important, a lot of your Bros. Attacks make the top screen mandatory as well.

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Thanks Canis and TeeJay.

I think I'll stick with my initial plan and just seek out the original cartridge. That heavily windowed screen option that then has a huge DS border inside of it is just too distasteful for me, yet sounds like the only viable choice here.

While I want the original 4:3 aspect ratio of the screens respected as well as the gap correctly represented between screens where the hinge area is located on the real deal, I also want the picture reasonably close to as large as possible.

Yet it's not anywhere close, so I'll pass.



Sacred Stones is nice, although I have it on my 3DS, so, less of a rush for that.

Partners in Time.... eh, I disliked how it felt more linear. Less stuff to do. The series hasn't really changed since then. They need to return to the way it was done in Superstar Saga.

And Star Fox Command was alright. I actually beat every story path, although I'd probably consider it the "worst" Star Fox. But the online was bland. Only Assault ever had a good multiplayer mode.

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I read that as Gyakuten Saiban 2 instead of Golden Sun 2, and was temporarily confused. Wait, Ace Attorney on VC? How cool would that be? Cmon Capcom! You gave us all that Megaman, push a little further!

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I HATE what Nintendo has done to my favorite Star Fox couple!!!!!!!! Until they fix this [removed] up, I won't ever pick up another Star Fox game ever again! 😠😤😡🤬🤬🤬

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