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I'll see your Superman 64 and raise you daikatana (the only game I've ever just thrown in the trash).

I will say that even though I passed on the other classics (if I get them I get them) but I will fight someone for the 64...even though mine works and I own about 90 percent of the games I want for it.

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Bass_X0 wrote:

Need I tell you again that Rare games belong to Microsoft now, including Goldeneye? Just because you remember it existing on a Nintendo console has no bearing on today's market, even in the realm of hypothetical wish lists. Nintendo did want it on Virtual Console but were turned down.

See, just because Microsoft bought Rare it doesn't make all their old games belong to Microsoft.
Only Rare's original IP carried over. But GoldenEye is not an original Rare IP and not owned by Microsoft.

You seem like believing GoldenEye on N64mini is an unreachable dream. In reality Nintendo got the license once and they can get it again.

It is unlikely - because of the licensing problems - and even more because it's an 18+ game that needs to be re-rated to get a 16+ rating to be even allowed on the machine, but it is NOT impossible for Nintendo to re-release GoldenEye.

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@Atariboy @Matt_Barber @Ryu_Niiyama Yeah, I just meant for it's notoriety more than anything else - E.T. was a notable game on the platform (albeit for the 'wrong' reasons) so has the kind of significance and cultural importance that'd make it an intriguing the same way, it'd be kind of intriguing to play the likes of Superman 64, ClayFighter 63‚Öď and Daikatana (lol ) - just to see why their mediocrity has endured through the ages!

Of course, I'm only semi-serious about the idea - but it might be fun to have a few stinkers on there too...

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SKTTR wrote:

but it is NOT impossible for Nintendo to re-release GoldenEye.

It is also NOT impossible for me to start dating Kate Beckinsale, but sadly neither one of these things is ever going to happen.

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From memory SNES games cost about 60% more than NES games on the VC and we got 40% more games on the NES mini. They also charged ~30% more for the SNES Mini. So given the higher price Nintendo has always sold N64 games for I think we should expect 15 games on the N64 Mini at most with something closer to 10 being more likely. If it happens at all.

Also I think that Goldeneye would be more likely than not purely because they'd want something to move units. Nothing would do that more than Goldeneye. Not that they need help moving these mini-consoles but still, the amount of hype around Goldeneye on a N64 mini would be insane. So my prediction would be....

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11. GoldenEye

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There's always the chance N64 classic could use gamecube controller ports, thus being compatible with the Nintendo Switch via GCN adapter, and the older Wii vc games.



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