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i cannot believe that turok the game that made it`s name on nintendo 64 is not going to be available for the wii u how can this be after like 3 exclusive releases on N64/

2 years ago i played turok wars on my cousins N64 i was amazed how good the coach multiplayer was / so to see a game re-release again and not on one of nintendo`s machine it`s not nice

Destiny should be on the wii u or 3ds /


Acclaim Entertainment went defunct, Tight Dive Studios bought up the IP and re-releases the game on PC and Xbox One. Nothing to be surprised about here. If Nintendo cared enough, they could've sorted something out. I don't think they do, nor do I think that the userbase on Wii U would even support the re-release to make it worthwhile.



Wii U's install base is small and is quickly going to fade in the wake of the launch of the Switch late this winter. Doesn't make much sense to invest any effort here to bring new games to the Wii U.

Too bad we're not going to at least get the N64 originals on the Virtual Console. Judging by the slowness of 1st party releases and complete lack of non-Nintendo published IP from the N64 (And comments from Natsume in the past), even the Wii U's emulator is far from a plug and play solution and must take a good bit of work with each new addition.

Hopefully a more capable emulator is available on the Switch, which hopefully encourages 3rd parties to bring some of their content like Turok and Harvest Moon 64 to the Virtual Console at long last.

And if the Switch is a hit, maybe we'll even get these remasters ported to it, which would be even better for Turok fans.

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