Topic: Golden Sun fans are holding a fan event on the 17th Anniversary of Golden Sun!

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Hey there!

I'd like to inform everyone, especially fans of the Golden Sun series that started on the Gameboy Advance and has its first 2 games on the Wii U Virtual Console at the moment, about a fan event that Golden Sun fans are holding on November 11th this Sunday, the 17th anniversary of Golden Sun in NA.

We're calling this event, Golden Sunday! We'll be using this occasion to celebrate our love for Golden Sun as well as inform Nintendo that we fans still exist, and would LOVE a revitalization of the series.

Here are some examples of what we're planning to do November 11th:-

  • Buy the Golden Sun games on the eShop
  • Tweet/post our favorite moments/features of Golden Sun on social media
  • Draw Fan Art and share it!
  • Spread awareness about the game
  • Let Nintendo know our love for the series

I hope fans of the series from here will join us as well as we celebrate all of Golden Sun this Sunday

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